Wednesday, July 27, 2005
what huh?


granted it's a. early b. i've had no caffeine yet and c. i'm still a quasi stress monkey.

but check this out

ok - so the city is getting an new aquarium. cool. as much as i think most fish are slimy for a reason and are not to be trusted, i dig aquariums.

what i don't get is why they insist on having SEAFOOD restaurants at said aquariums.

here's my favorite quote from the article.

So, will fish be on the menu? Certainly, said the creator of Spago Hollywood. But the catering staff will participate in the Seafood Watch program pioneered by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The program encourages consuming only seafood from sustainable sources.
"We will try to educate people [about] what to buy and what to eat," Puck said

isn't that kinda like have a slaughter house next to the petting zoo? just askin.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
it's already 1 kagillion degrees out

but let's not worry about the enviroment ..... it'll take care of itself i'm sure.


anyhow, i'm way a whole bunch lot excited - cause the new Jason Mraz cd comes out today ..... and yes i'll be picking that sucker up at lunchtime - cause i'm a dork like that. i saw the video for "wordplay" on VH1 ( mental note - we need to talk about this season's Surreal Life ) and i wasn't crazy about it - just because he's getting all manner of ' it's merely a flesh wound' and i generally like my singer/songwriter/poets to be of the non bleeding variety - unless their chicks - then bleeding is part of the bargin....wait - i'm so digressing here.....

anyhow - Mr. A-Z is in stores now - and will be in my CD player in mere hours - and that makes me happy.

you can listen to the en-tire cd on your computer. thank GOD for Al Gore and the internet.

wanna know what else makes me happy.

evidently it's socks.

not like President Clinton's cat - cause as we know - i'm NOT that N-O-T a cat person. but i noticed that i've bought a dozen or so pairs of silly socks in the past week or so. supergirl, monkees, lipstick, glittery, pink, purple, with nail polish bottles on them.... all manner of silliness ... but i love them - so let's add another obsession to allie's growing list.

the other numbers should like this. this past weekend - i spoke to stacey's "That Todd" and directly asked him what his intentions with our stacey were. i LOVE when you can see the codfish face thru the phone line. he was honestly stumped for a few seconds - and then said something clever .... but he's been warned - that i'm but one person in a group of 5 and he WILL be answering to all of us - so coming up with an answer is a good idea.

so that's all i got for the moment - love it, kiss it, smack it!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005
i have a hater.

i found out thru someone else about my hatedness from someone that i don't even know.

i know people who know her.

and she hates me.

ya gotta admit, that's power.

and funny.

as there are lots of people i don't like - the energy to hate is really more than i'm gonna put out there....i'm sitting here with the biggest grin on my face.

evidently my unable to hold a job , french speaking, parents bought me anything i want, self annoys her.

it's funny.

what i find so odd is - someone comes on MY blog and starts shit. i have her banned from commenting - once again on MY blog.

and i'm the bitch.

ironical no?

mary's big gay husband said it - and i'll repeat it

judgement doens't look good on anyone - and it certainly doesn't go with those shoes.

i have the best hitch in my giddy up today. yay me.

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Tammy Faye's Cancer came back.

this really bums me out.

i know if anyone can get past it - it's prolly her.

i don't know if it's a being from Charlotte, NC thing - or the fact that watching her is kinda like watching a train wreck, or that i made the boys take me to her house last time i was in charlotte, or that i found out some life changing news while watching re-runs of the Surreal Life when she was listening to Ron Jeremy and Trishelle talk about sex. ... i do still regret that i didn't go knock on her front door during "tammy stalk 2005" to ask about mascara and Jesus Christ. .... i hope there's still time to do chaz and greg - get the directions back out .... and i think i'm gonna ask ricky to go with us - you know he and i together could charm the diet coke right on out of tammy's hand.

what else. oh, i know i dont' talk about work - for lot's of reasons - one of the main one's being i don't have anything to complain or rant about .... so what's the fun in writing about people if i'm not ranting.....BUT i once again have the most sparkle, feathers, queen related, spongebob, dorm room looking cuticle in the whole building. i swear i still have the locker decorating skills of the best 17 year old 'heather' out there - and it rocks might i add.

oh oh oh - and i now have the cutest hair on the planet. i actually have what i would define as short hair - and i DIG IT! i got carded the other night with the short hair - so smart money is on keeping it thata way .... now to just throw some rock star colors in there ... which i'ma thinking will happen this weekend.

be afraid.

sidebar - i just read the funniest thing i've ever seen in my ENITRE life in a blog. one of those funny to me - and the rest of the numbers i'm sure - and prolly not to anyone else. but oh my good god damn that made me laugh.

ces Français sont soulevés avec un mot différent pour tout... essai et conjecture quel mot je pense à en ce moment ? C'est exact - c'est chatte.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


is what happens when that todd does not respond to the birthday poetry that #3ga posts on #5in's blog.

i am forced to bring it over here and call you out on it.

now darling todd, so far you're on my list of people who don't suck.

please let's not have to change that ....(and remember - i'm the "nice" one of the numbers ....don't rile the others :) )

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hé peuples,
J'ai cette semaine où j'ai 10 millions de choses à dire, mais non sûr comment ou où dire elles, ainsi elles ne sont pas susceptibles d'être notées. Elles ont été parlées à la plupart des nombres, au Texan, et à de diverses autres personnes en mon monde.

Mais je m'ai décidé si le blog de toute façon, avant qu'il devienne quelque chose que je néglige totalement - mais avec ne pas avoir beaucoup À INDIQUER réellement, j'ai pensé qu'il pourrait être frais pour n'écrire assez beaucoup de rien... mais le fait en français.

Car un cher ami m'a dit la nuit passée, tout semble meilleur en français, et je dois être d'accord avec lui.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005
for 5 hours IN A ROW!

sure did sleep 5 hours in a row last night. i think it's cause i watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch and then i giggled with stacey on the phone for about a 1/2 hour ... that's not a bad way to spend a night.

sleep is a welcome and missed friend ..... maybe this is a sign of change - and this tattoo sporting number likes that.


rant warning.

we know i love dogs. i'd like to consider myself an animal lover - but really i think in the cold light of morning - it's just dogs .... and when i hear of someone hurting a dog - i start to think that whole "eye for an eye thing" ... does NOT leave 2 people blind. it leaves one person with the shit beaten out of them for hurting a dog.

i read this in the paper today ... and it makes me wanna cry/throw up/and beat the crap outta someone.

if you can't get to the link - i'll break it down barney style for you.

3 booger eatin', cousin dating, waste of resources on the planet motherfuckers thought it would be a good idea to have 37 pit bulls in their home, beat them, not feed them, and then have several more dead and buried in the backyard.

what the fuck people?

when i do something and mike gives me the 'face' ... i quietly pray for death, i feel so bad that i've hurt can people ON PURPOSE do this to these animals.

i myself have never owned a pit - i'm a lab girl .... however, on of my nearest and dearest has had them, and her puppydoodles were/are sweet as a big pile of candy.

what is wrong with people that they do this? why do people have to support that stereotype and be 'that guy'

i realize that people do this to other people and all that - so lay off the rant.

i don't have kids, i do have a dog ... this is what affects me ....

i'd love to take each of those poor puppers and help nurse them back to health - but i bet you dollars to dumptrucks that they are destroyed.

and that sucks.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
madley is my favorite

forever and ever..... this is what she sent me yesterday.

and scene.

and again, i'm asking ... why can't the people at dunkin donuts understand enough english to get "large coffee and a blueberry muffin" correct?

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
allison, the ugly american.

ok - so when it's hot outside, i don't do coffee.....cause see, it's HOT out - i need nothing HOT to drink.

but anyway -

this morning i made the tragic mistake of turning on the tv and having mike curl up next to me when the alarm went off - so instead of getting ready for work - i watched people in the same county as me ride boats thru their neighborhoods - and drag rain soaked/flooded things out of their needless to say - i was rushed to leave ......

and was still really tired - and not quite awake yet - and thought A HA! a big ol' cup of ocffee and a blueberry muffin would be really tasty right about now .... so i swing into the local dunkin donuts - JUST because it's right behind my office building...

and why oh why oh why - does NO ONE there speak english??

i mean they can grunt out the amount you owe them ... but you can't really tell what the hell they've said. and what scared me is the fact that i can't tell just where the accents are from....and and and

i got a frekin REDUCED FAT MUFFIN.

i already got a muffin instead of a dozen doughnuts -- does that count for nothing?!?!

and i'm looking for a picture of george clooney on a horse on the beach for my cubicle ( or cuticle as i like to call it )

can anyone photoshop that for me please and thank you?!

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Sunday, July 10, 2005
markers, and crayons, and white out oh my!

I love school supplies. I HATED school, but love the supplies for it. I’m also in deep love with office supplies, and office supply stores … but smell that? It’s the smell of the back to school season here in metro Atlanta….. Christine called this afternoon and asked if I wanted to hit the new super Wal-Mart with her and see what we couldn’t live without.

First, I can say with reasonable certianity that C and I were the only people at wally world who had actually showered ( and used soap ) that very same day. I am AMAZED at the world of wally and what it brings out of the woodwork. I knew we were in trouble when before we even parked the car we saw our first barefoot child. ( note I said FIRST, cause there were more )

Anyhow, back to school supplies… Christine has 2 girls, one going into kindergarten and one going into the 4th grade. These girls had school supplied LISTS of what they needed. HUGE big lists. This blows me away every year. I just don’t remember that being the case when I was in school. I can remember specific teachers saying something like “you’ll need a red report cover for this … or you’ll need X kinda pens for this project” but jesus jumped up Christ – this list is INSANE – and as a non breeding tax paying citizen – where they raise the taxed for school almost as often as they raise the flag… I gotta ask – where’s it goin?! I’m sure this comes off as cold and bitchy –and I’m ok with that – cause I can be cold and bitchy … but still – she spent about 40 bucks on basic – and I mean BASIC school supplies ( pencils, glue sticks, loose leaf paper ) good DOG!

Oh…back to me.

I myownself bought school supplies, well, office supplies I guess, but they were shiny, and glittery, and feathery, and crown, heart, and lips shaped. I am SO a 12 year old girl. And it’s so damn cool. I am now FULLY equipped with all the Spongebob Squarepants silliness any 35 year old girl could want. ( and those of you who know me, know I want a LOT )…

I also was feeling sorry for myself … ( and we know where this is heading …. To the makeup counter….) and I got some of that BareEssentuals stuff – let’s see what I think about it …. Finally – the infomercial SUCKED ME IN. I just got a couple pieces of it at the Ulta store … talk of my beauty should spread though out the land too – although the size of my ass should be spreading through out the land too – as the local Publix had Ben and Jerry’s on sale.

What else was on sale? The pink on pink Issac Mizrahi pink on pink signature tote … sure is sitting on my kitchen table right NOW. And some big sparkly dangle ear bobs ( that’s earrings for my non southern friends ) and they’re hot – and look hot on my now short-er…well, short hair…and it rocks…and and and – lemme think what else – I bought lots of purple and pink stuff for the office… and new purple toenail polish – cause yeah, I didn’t have enough ( whatever )… so I think we can tell allie is sublimating thru shopping – and I’m real ok with that too.

What else, have I mentioned that I love my job? Cause I do. I think I’m gonna be with a really good team … and hell, at this point at the very very very least - by tomorrow morning – I’ll have it decorated rock star style …. So I gotta love that.


What was sitting on my desk when I walked in on Friday morning? A ho-made strawberry cake – that’s what.
All for me. And I actually shared with some co-workers. Tell me that’s not love.

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Friday, July 08, 2005
the day i don't laugh

is the day i die.

i have had one of the hardest weeks of my life - going thru things i wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.... i'm not going into details, or asking for sympathy, or ever mentioning it again .... BUT i say that to say this .....

even in all of that - there has NOT one been one day when i didn't laugh so hard i though i'd start to cry.

that is what has saved my life, soul, and sanity.

so to my people.

thank you for the laughter,

it's like ABBA saying "thank you for the music" .... but it's not.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i stole this idea from lilly i don't know if she got it from someone else of if it's hers alone ... but in the midst of serious questions and situations that have smacked me clear in the face and everywhere else these last several days....

i'm going to take a moment and list some of my "simple pleasures"

1. text messages that say 'hi. i love you"
2. understanding friends.
3. the smell of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny shampoo and conditioner
4. forgiveness. of myself and others
5. the way my dog smells.
6. new office supplies
7. unexpected kindness
8. the way fresh clean sheets feel on the bed
9. the way the mint at my front door smells
10. hearing 'that' song on the radio
11. rock star on sale for a buck
12. a phone call from a friend
13. being told "i'm sorry"
14. how happy my dog is when i get home
15. the smell of food grilling
16. that first jump in the pool
17. little things that remind me of friends
18. a new pack of gum
19. laughing out loud
20. being ok with saying no

so that's where i am right now - thanks lily for reminding me.

and also mike ( senior thinking ) you've been on my mind lately too - hope you're doing well.

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long time no blog.

and that is NOT to say that my life hasn't been full lately.

too full.

like seriously and way.

but that's life right?

anyhow - i know i'm talking and not saying anything - and that's ok ..... i can't put things into the words yet - and might not ever - at least not here.

but i 'm good. the boy called last night and aplolgized for being an ass... so we might like him again - not sure.

i'll write when i have something to say.

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