Monday, October 31, 2005

it's not hard to imagine that i'm from the south now is it?!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cause I’m as much of a sheep as the rest of the Numbers

you're supposed to go to google and search " ______________ needs" ( the blank is your name)

Cause I’m as much of a sheep as the rest of the Numbers

Allie Needs

1. Allie needs someone she can trust
2. Allie needs Gavin more than ever
3. Allie needs needs a lot of personal attention
4. Allie needs help getting her pants off
5. Allie needs to do what ever she wants
6. Allie needs to make time for spirit
7. Allie needs (to learn) self defense.
8. Allie needs her bottle
9. Allie needs prayers
10. Allie needs me too much.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

so i can get MSN messenger (web based) to work at the office - but not yahoo ...

if you wanna try some chattage during the day ... email me and i'll give you my screen name.

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Friday, October 21, 2005
praise jesus for jason mraz

i should be in a better mood - but i'm THIS close to either
A. Crying
B. Screaming
D. Giving up

I went to target at lunch for some halloween stuff for work...and to pick up the new melissa etheridge cd... and of course they didn't have the cd ... it was released on Oct 4...and the 'ron tried to tell me it wasn't....whatever.

and i'm really starting to think boys aren't worth it, and really there are 3 that i can count on
1. dad
2. tex
3. my dog
why did i have to pick the MOODIEST man to be interested in. and how can i learn not to take the mood personally....and why can't i be ok with really casual sex and just find someone's son to crawl on top of this weekend for some personal contact.


.....but i'm going to get the hairs cut this afternoon .... and to go get some orange nail polish ( yes, with glitter ) and try to bolster my mood with some holiday pedicure action ( and yes, in my house Halloween is an actual real holiday )...and i think the chinese people are going to have to make me food of their native land .... cause damnit, i have PMS, have cut back on the 'zac, i'm lonely, and working on a major mood swing.

and my only plans for the weekend include cleaning toilets and visiting my parents for lunch on sunday.


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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Music MEME

Here’s a meme I found and then changed up a little bit….

You are to answer these based on the music that is most often “with you” ( ipod, on the computer, in constant rotation in the car… that kinda thing )

( for me, these are the ones that are saved on my work computer )

List your Top 5.

5 Happy Songs
September, Earth Wind & Fire
Come on Eileen, Save Ferris
Supersong, Big Gay Al
La Vie Boheme, Rent
Pulling Mussels From the Shell, Squeeze

5 Favorite Sing Along Songs
Rapper’s Delight, Sugar Hill Gang
Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, Big & Rich
Ana Eng, They Might Be Giants
Enid, Barenaked Ladies
Hourglass, Squeeze

5 Crying Songs
Ghost, Indigo Girls
How can you mend a broken heart, Al Green version
Leaving Me Now, Level 42
Brick, Ben Folds Five
You don’t know me, Harry Connick Jr Version

5 Guilty Pleasure Songs
Strokin, Clarence Carter
Blame it on the Boogie, Michael Jackson
Took the words right outta my mouth/ Paradise by the dashboard light, Meatloaf (tie)
Lookin Good, Feelin Gorgeous, RuPaul
Wig in a Box, Hedwig and the Angry Inch

5 Love Songs
Better be home soon, Crowded House
Sleep all day, Jason Mraz
Let’s Stay Together, Al Green
Unfold, Jason Mraz
Someone to Watch Over Me, Jamie Cullum version

5 Breakup Songs
Love Stinks, J. Giles Band
Song for the Dumped, Ben Folds Five
Uninvited, Alannis Morrisette
For the Good Times, Al Green
You don’t know me, Ray Charles version

5 “Fall” songs
Handyman, James Taylor
You and I Both, Jason Mraz
Angel From Montgomery, Bonnie Raitt
Carolina in my mind, James Taylor
Why Georgia, John Mayer

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
wrote it last night - who needs sleep

And scene. Nice work.

I was going to go to dinner tonight with “r” for sushi ….but he had a stomach ugh …so we were thinking sushi is not the best idea……so I took a raincheck and went for the at home favorite ….

PANCAKES …. And if you’re chaz and/or greg…you know the correct way to pronounce it. ….

And observations/thoughts/stuff of the day.

Tex is fuckin amazing at the whole fixing allie’s fucked up blog ( that she her veryownself fucked up )

Why does the hair in your legs grow so fast – and it seems to take forever to grow out the hair on yourown head?

I love that my neighborhood decorates for Halloween – it cracks me up.

I like the new boy – a LOT.

The re-runs of Will & Grace are WAY funnier than the new ones.

My Name is Earl - funniest line of the night “I don’t care if she’s Chinese, Vietnamese, or Chuck E Cheese …she cain’t learn to speak English”

I wore blue eyeshadow in honor of Christel today.

You can never have too much lotion.

Everything looks better when written in purple ink.

Cookies are good, but better when eaten with friends.

I get a timer that pops up when I have been online for 211 minutes to see if I still wanna stay on – what’s the magic number about 211

When I get my life together – the first thing I’m doing is getting a maid. I FUCKING HATE CLEANING.

One of the great things about America… matter what time it is – somewhere on some channel, you can catch an episode of one of the Law & Order tv shows.

Elaine Chao’s hair is SO big that it doesn’t fit in the screen … I think that’s a problem.

I this Melissa Etheridge is the COOLEST FUCKIN CHICK on the planet right about now.

I still think Iron Chef is a cool show – even though I wouldn’t eat 99.95% of what they make.

I love that I have a laptop and I can type from my bed.
I think I’m ready to hurt someone if I don’t get some fried chicken soon.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
what in the hell

did i do ...

pardon the dust while i try and make this presentable again.


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Sunday, October 16, 2005
i got nothin

Wow, I used to be such a good little blogger…daily updates, sometimes twice…..and lately ..not so much.

Dunno what all that’s about – it’s not like I have nothing going on – I have P-lenty. More than I’d like actually – but I digress….

So one of my favorite Texans had a birthday today – I was supposed to fly him out here and find either a hooker for him or his one true love … but budgets and schedules kept that from happening – so he had to settle for a pre-birthday phone call …. Which was damn fun I must say – but when hookers are an option – a phone call can pale.

Anyway, happy birthday dear friend, know that I love you.

Ok….now I have to talk about what’s on my tv right now – it’s actually NOT law and order…..

I’m watching ( and by watching I mean flipping thru while waiting for the commercials to be done on will and grace) and Nip/Tuck is on.

Lemme go on record by saying that is one FUCKED UP show. For those of you who like it….you’re a little fucked too.,

Which brings me back to hookers. ( notice the circular logic here ) which in print looks like Hooters.

Christine and I were out and about this weekend and drove past a Hooters where they were evidently having some kinda car show – Christine wondered aloud …. What is all of that about …. I said I think it’s about boobs – but hell I have boobs …. And proceeded to flash all of old highway 41 ( insert allman brothers song lyrics here ) so that was fun.
I love a good flash.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
a little schmoopy

i'm feeling 15 different kinds of schmoopy today. it's mostly for my girls ... (in this case i'm talking about The Numbers .... not the local chicks! or my main gays!)

yesterday i was on the phone with "that boy" and he asked what had i told my girlfriends about him .... and i said, well, sorta everything.

he on one hand thought that was really cool - and on another wondered if we ever got "jealous" or would "compete" for another number's man.

(insert hysterical laughing 'here')

i kindly explained that we were WAY more likely to "fall" for each other ( and this includes YOU kristen ) than for someone's guy ..... and while it was funny, it was also sorta sad, because it told be TONS about the kinds of women he's known before ....... ( insert way 234,753,333 that i'm different from most women 'here' )

i know i talk a lot about my girls - but then it's my fuckin blog - and i can do what i want .... but we have been thru SO much ... births, deaths, marriages, divorces, misscarriages (yes really - who would make that shit up ... beyotch), disappointments in family and former friends, laughed together so hard that we've peed a little bit, and cried for each other's pain so hard that we couldn't breathe ...

one of us ( stacey maybe ) was talking about our tats one day and said how cool it was that we had a tribal looking tattoo and we really WERE a tribe .... a group, with our own language, customs, roles, and all that jazz - it's really pretty fuckin' cool.

so let us be the ones who aren't jealous at the others success, let's continue to laugh, love, cry, heal, hurt, and TATTOO with reckless abandon.

i love you all so much

my christel
my lauren
my mary
my stacey

thank you, thank you women.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
thanks for asking..

all praise be to tasty for bringing this gem into my life..

Bombs are flying
People are dying
Children are crying
Politicians are lying too.

Cancer is killing
Texaco's spilling
The whole world's gone to hell
But how are you?

I'm super
Thanks for asking
All things considered I couldn't be better I must say
I'm feeling super
No, nothing bugs me
Everything is super when you're

Don't you think I look cute in this hat

I'm so sorry Mr. Cripple
But I just can't feel too bad for you right now.
Because I'm feeling
So insanely super
That even the fact that you can't walk Can't bring me down

Background singers: He's super Thanks for asking All things considered He couldn't be better he must say

Big Gay Al: I'm super No, nothing bugs me Everything is super when you're Don't you think I look cute in this hat These little pants, this matching tie That I got at Merv's I'm super

Background singers: In the barracks and the trenches as well
Big Gay Al: Stick 'em up.
Background singers: Big Gay Al says do ask do tell
Big Gay Al: Skittles
Background singers: Yes he's super and he's proud to be gay
Big Gay Al: OK
Background singers: Everything is super when you're gay! When you're gay!

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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Oh, i know this one

....that has become what i say whenever i turn on any version of law & order anymore.

wow, i think it's time i admit that i have a problem.

hi, my name is allie, and i'm a law & order addict.
i've seen them all - can tell which one it is before the opening credits run.
and i still watch it.

but, programs are for quitters.

and i'm no quitter.

ah, so i had a really good weekend - i had a sweet date friday night - lots of laughing and cute flirty glances, i love that. i think we may have finally developed a rhythm - a really good comfort level - and that's cool. i had to calm down some - and he had to let the wall down, in the immortal words of elvis presley - "slowly but surely - i'm gonna bring ya round"

i had mike's brother this weekend too- and that's always fun. but DAMN 2 ginormous black labs are a LOT - i'm saying that's a lot of frekin fur to keep up with.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
it's 8:55am

So far….

Ok, woke up on time
Cute cute CUTE hair
Went to starbuckss and got the pumpkin spice latte
Lots of people are out of the office today
And the first “fall” morning happened … nice and cool
Braves have playoff game this afternoon
Listening to Jason Mraz and James Taylor.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
List o' loves

In no particiular order.

1. how quickly the numbers will get together to whup up on a stupid whore's ass.
2. the Starbuck's pumpkin latte ( sorry christel)
3. lipgloss
4. that new penis smell
5. the cool mornings of fall
6. when you call an old friend and he sees the caller ID and answers "WHAT?" then starts crackin up
7. giggling like a schoolgirl on the phone with my friends
9. presents in the mail related to shiners
10. finding lotion on sale
11. sleeping in
12. that "thwack" sound mike's tail makes when he's wagging it on the carpet
13. when you recognize your favorite song after the first one or two notes and crank it loud and sing along
14. Purell hand sanitizer
15. people who hate "creed"
16. purple
17. star shaped stuff
18. my tattoo and what it means.....and the design i found for my next one
19. spongebob
20. inside jokes
21. rescue dogs
22. manicures
23. cute feet
24. 3 words - you've got mail
25. my girls and my texan.

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