Wednesday, October 19, 2005
wrote it last night - who needs sleep

And scene. Nice work.

I was going to go to dinner tonight with “r” for sushi ….but he had a stomach ugh …so we were thinking sushi is not the best idea……so I took a raincheck and went for the at home favorite ….

PANCAKES …. And if you’re chaz and/or greg…you know the correct way to pronounce it. ….

And observations/thoughts/stuff of the day.

Tex is fuckin amazing at the whole fixing allie’s fucked up blog ( that she her veryownself fucked up )

Why does the hair in your legs grow so fast – and it seems to take forever to grow out the hair on yourown head?

I love that my neighborhood decorates for Halloween – it cracks me up.

I like the new boy – a LOT.

The re-runs of Will & Grace are WAY funnier than the new ones.

My Name is Earl - funniest line of the night “I don’t care if she’s Chinese, Vietnamese, or Chuck E Cheese …she cain’t learn to speak English”

I wore blue eyeshadow in honor of Christel today.

You can never have too much lotion.

Everything looks better when written in purple ink.

Cookies are good, but better when eaten with friends.

I get a timer that pops up when I have been online for 211 minutes to see if I still wanna stay on – what’s the magic number about 211

When I get my life together – the first thing I’m doing is getting a maid. I FUCKING HATE CLEANING.

One of the great things about America… matter what time it is – somewhere on some channel, you can catch an episode of one of the Law & Order tv shows.

Elaine Chao’s hair is SO big that it doesn’t fit in the screen … I think that’s a problem.

I this Melissa Etheridge is the COOLEST FUCKIN CHICK on the planet right about now.

I still think Iron Chef is a cool show – even though I wouldn’t eat 99.95% of what they make.

I love that I have a laptop and I can type from my bed.
I think I’m ready to hurt someone if I don’t get some fried chicken soon.

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