Wednesday, October 12, 2005
a little schmoopy

i'm feeling 15 different kinds of schmoopy today. it's mostly for my girls ... (in this case i'm talking about The Numbers .... not the local chicks! or my main gays!)

yesterday i was on the phone with "that boy" and he asked what had i told my girlfriends about him .... and i said, well, sorta everything.

he on one hand thought that was really cool - and on another wondered if we ever got "jealous" or would "compete" for another number's man.

(insert hysterical laughing 'here')

i kindly explained that we were WAY more likely to "fall" for each other ( and this includes YOU kristen ) than for someone's guy ..... and while it was funny, it was also sorta sad, because it told be TONS about the kinds of women he's known before ....... ( insert way 234,753,333 that i'm different from most women 'here' )

i know i talk a lot about my girls - but then it's my fuckin blog - and i can do what i want .... but we have been thru SO much ... births, deaths, marriages, divorces, misscarriages (yes really - who would make that shit up ... beyotch), disappointments in family and former friends, laughed together so hard that we've peed a little bit, and cried for each other's pain so hard that we couldn't breathe ...

one of us ( stacey maybe ) was talking about our tats one day and said how cool it was that we had a tribal looking tattoo and we really WERE a tribe .... a group, with our own language, customs, roles, and all that jazz - it's really pretty fuckin' cool.

so let us be the ones who aren't jealous at the others success, let's continue to laugh, love, cry, heal, hurt, and TATTOO with reckless abandon.

i love you all so much

my christel
my lauren
my mary
my stacey

thank you, thank you women.

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