Thursday, September 29, 2005
time for a beat down.....sorta.

I’d like to take a moment to beat Lauren in the ass.

And by beat in the ass, I mean catch a quick grope – and my catch a quick grope I mean tounge kiss her in front of her husband so he’ll go get me some ice cream.

BUT my point is.

A few years ago I was out of work and into daytime tv. I got hooked on “starting over” – like talking on message boards – calling friends daily to talk about it ( my favorite is STILL andy – but that’s another story)

Anyhow – the other night “R” was over and we were making cookies ( no that’s not a metaphor) – and watching “ A mighty wind” …. And the cell rings – and it’s lola to tell me about the new season of S.O. … I had not seen any of the new ones … and she kinda got me up to snuff with them.

Now this show comes on locally at 11 am and again at 3:30 AM …. Can you see where this is heading …

So the last 3 nights I have “woken up” ( no alarm, no NOTHING – except the urge to turn on the tv …. And I have seen the last 3 nights of this show.)

It is the best WORST show ever.

And I’m continually suprized at people who go on TELEVISION to talk about their baggage – then say they are scared that people will find out ….




Then why go on tv …..

Anyway … back to my point – I’m on my 3rd day of waking up in the middle of the night to catch up on tv.

So I’ve heard of this thing called tivo, or even a vcr ….. you’d think I’d just do that.

No, that’s too easy.

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