Tuesday, September 06, 2005
my fro-at hurted

so i haven't written here for a while....why not allie? you might ask?

...traveled the world looking for hot gi's?
...continued stalking Ricky Martin?
...joined the road company of Mama Mia?
...convinced Mark Ruffalo to live with you in sin forever?




i got fucking sick.

i got tonsillitis again.

3rd time this summer - and now i'm going to have to get these things ripped out of my head - this is NOT the face of a happy girl.. the face of a very tired, kinda spacey, really wishes she was home girl -yes .

but as always things could be worse - most of you know i am in social services, and when i returned to work this morning my desk was stacked to the sky with lists of shelters, help resources, calls for volunteers, and cries for help for refugee victims of Katrina.

so i'll shut up, take my anti-biotic and sign up on the volunteer list.

it's all about perspective.

posted by Allie @ 9/06/2005 01:34:00 PM


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