Tuesday, August 30, 2005
"that" kind of girl

i sometimes think people get this really diffrent version of who i am that what/who i really am.

i tend to act so "big and bad"

but i'm a total wuss.

not from people who call me sewer trash or tell me to fuck myself.

but from people who's opinion i care about.

i get my feelings hurt so easily, and when it happens, my gut reaction is to hurt back. and that's really stupid - cause then there are 2 people who are hurt.

i've said things on this blog i wish i never had, and i've not said things i wish i had the stones to say.

i had a kick ass chat with kristen tonight and she made my week and i can't tell her how much that meant to me. then i was what felt like judged my someone whom ( who?) i adore....and i was too hurt/chicken/whatever to talk about it.

let's just say i've had one shitty year and let's cut allie a little slack huh?

posted by Allie @ 8/30/2005 11:40:00 PM


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