Monday, August 15, 2005
funny word for the day.


i saw it on talking about some paula abdul drama ... along the lines of "after the probe, it's determined that ms. abdul will remain as a judge"

where when i hear Probe - i'm thinking alien abduction and resulting "tests"

then i remembered that ford used to make a car called "probe"


so ala pee wee's playhouse ( sidebar - i still have a talking pee wee herman doll - suck on that suckers ) whenever you hear the word "probe" today - scream real loud.

{ i'm thinking this is a pretty safe word unless you were recently abducted and are going to be on a talk show about it = or have to have some procedure that ends in "oscopy" )

{ no offense intended or implyed to anyone who has been probed, knows anyone who has been probed, enjoyed performing the probe themselves or has in anyway been affected by probes in this or any other life)


new topic:

i went out with "that guy" this weekend, the one i really liked that disappeared - we had many pitchers of beer and caught up some. i like him. damnit. i do.


if you haven't had a drink in a few months - don't START back with 3 pitchers of beer - your head will thank me the next morning


rockstar diet tastes just like rockstar regular


i have a new superman action figure sitting on my computer protecting the cuticle from evil do-ers.


i have discovered the problem with a short haircut - my hair grows REALLY fast ... and it's almost time for another cut already


i now have the cutest feet on earth ( and no christel, i haven't seen yours - i'm sure they're hot though )

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