Friday, August 12, 2005
interesting week.

this has been an interesting one.

*i have developed a full on "star" crush - with someone who i have a feeling is probably an ass in real life - but on tv seems pretty damn funny.

*i had a headache that would kill a normal person -and found out those could happen pretty often for the next several weeks from the hormone shift due to the miscarriage.

*i went and saw a friends dog that is very very sick and might not be around a whole lot longer and got lots and lots of kisses and love.

*i realized how much i really do care for a sweet friend of mine - and discovered, or re-discovered how cool it can be to be friends with a man...tex really is a darling man and i can't wait to dance at his wedding ( unless of course i'm still alone, then i'll stay home and stab BIG pins into the voodoo doll ... just kidding..or am i)

*i decided while i don't care if i'm "thin" i need to be healthier - and actually mean it - and that sorta scares me - cause what if i lose weight and i'm still not with "the" guy - i've blamed it on weight all these years ....

*i learned all the words to "wig in a box" and "origin of love" from Hedwig....and they make me happy

*i am still rockin this super cute short hair cut...who knew

*i realized that i have mastered the art of 'walking away' from people who irriate me instead feeling that i must confront them

so it's been a good week and an ok week... i think this introspection thing leaves something to be desired - cause being aware can both suck ( and not in the good way ) and blow (again, not in the good way)

posted by Allie @ 8/12/2005 09:08:00 AM


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