Monday, August 08, 2005
like corn nuggets - but they're not.

ok - so i saw this on someone's blog who knows the dude seth from 'kept' - and she had this to say about him (she knew he would win)

"Because he is the funniest man that I have ever met and he takes over a room effortlessly and without remorse. It is his nature"

i don't know why - but i think that's the best thing to say about someone....i think i used to be a lot like that - and working on getting "that girl" back. i can see her ... she's close by.

ok - totally new topic ... which i'll be adding to as the day goes on - so will lola.

Sometimes little nuggets of information come into ye old melon and I have to speak about them.

This little bit has to do with online chatting/dating.

I belong to a couple of online dating services, and actually have met some really cool people on there – some became boyfriends, some boy toys, some – excellent reasons for situational homosexuality.

Nugget 1. when you’re im-ing someone for the first time … do NOT use the “ R U” for “ are you”. I’m not a teenager – I’m thirty fucking five – write out the other 4 letters. It won’t affect your carpal tunnel I promise.

Nugget 2. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT ask me how big my boobs are. If you ask me, you will NEVER get to touch them.

Nugget 3. do not ask for my phone number – if I want you to have it – I’ll give it to you.

Nugget 4. do not play the “pitiful pearl” card when I have to get off the computer. I might be playing hard to get, I might not like you, I might have to pee.

Nugget 5. if you cannot type – DON’T … if you can’t ‘speak’ proper English, don’t talk to me ( this is for if you are a native English speaker – many considerations will be given to others – smart money is on your English being better than my whatever it is you speak)

Nugget 6. Do not ask me anything about sex. Unless lola and I are using our fake names and have met you in some deviant sex chat room and we’re using you for our own personal cat toys … do not ask.

Nugget 7. don't ask me if i have a webcam - even if i do - chances are i'm not showing you.

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