Tuesday, July 26, 2005
it's already 1 kagillion degrees out

but let's not worry about the enviroment ..... it'll take care of itself i'm sure.


anyhow, i'm way a whole bunch lot excited - cause the new Jason Mraz cd comes out today ..... and yes i'll be picking that sucker up at lunchtime - cause i'm a dork like that. i saw the video for "wordplay" on VH1 ( mental note - we need to talk about this season's Surreal Life ) and i wasn't crazy about it - just because he's getting all manner of ' it's merely a flesh wound' and i generally like my singer/songwriter/poets to be of the non bleeding variety - unless their chicks - then bleeding is part of the bargin....wait - i'm so digressing here.....

anyhow - Mr. A-Z is in stores now - and will be in my CD player in mere hours - and that makes me happy.

you can listen to the en-tire cd on your computer. thank GOD for Al Gore and the internet.

wanna know what else makes me happy.

evidently it's socks.

not like President Clinton's cat - cause as we know - i'm NOT that N-O-T a cat person. but i noticed that i've bought a dozen or so pairs of silly socks in the past week or so. supergirl, monkees, lipstick, glittery, pink, purple, with nail polish bottles on them.... all manner of silliness ... but i love them - so let's add another obsession to allie's growing list.

the other numbers should like this. this past weekend - i spoke to stacey's "That Todd" and directly asked him what his intentions with our stacey were. i LOVE when you can see the codfish face thru the phone line. he was honestly stumped for a few seconds - and then said something clever .... but he's been warned - that i'm but one person in a group of 5 and he WILL be answering to all of us - so coming up with an answer is a good idea.

so that's all i got for the moment - love it, kiss it, smack it!

posted by Allie @ 7/26/2005 08:23:00 AM


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