Thursday, July 14, 2005
for 5 hours IN A ROW!

sure did sleep 5 hours in a row last night. i think it's cause i watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch and then i giggled with stacey on the phone for about a 1/2 hour ... that's not a bad way to spend a night.

sleep is a welcome and missed friend ..... maybe this is a sign of change - and this tattoo sporting number likes that.


rant warning.

we know i love dogs. i'd like to consider myself an animal lover - but really i think in the cold light of morning - it's just dogs .... and when i hear of someone hurting a dog - i start to think that whole "eye for an eye thing" ... does NOT leave 2 people blind. it leaves one person with the shit beaten out of them for hurting a dog.

i read this in the paper today ... and it makes me wanna cry/throw up/and beat the crap outta someone.

if you can't get to the link - i'll break it down barney style for you.

3 booger eatin', cousin dating, waste of resources on the planet motherfuckers thought it would be a good idea to have 37 pit bulls in their home, beat them, not feed them, and then have several more dead and buried in the backyard.

what the fuck people?

when i do something and mike gives me the 'face' ... i quietly pray for death, i feel so bad that i've hurt can people ON PURPOSE do this to these animals.

i myself have never owned a pit - i'm a lab girl .... however, on of my nearest and dearest has had them, and her puppydoodles were/are sweet as a big pile of candy.

what is wrong with people that they do this? why do people have to support that stereotype and be 'that guy'

i realize that people do this to other people and all that - so lay off the rant.

i don't have kids, i do have a dog ... this is what affects me ....

i'd love to take each of those poor puppers and help nurse them back to health - but i bet you dollars to dumptrucks that they are destroyed.

and that sucks.

posted by Allie @ 7/14/2005 08:24:00 AM


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