Monday, June 27, 2005
when i get to heaven

Not in a hootie and the blowfish kinda way – but seriously.

There are some very important things I wanna discuss with the Creator.

Like my uterus.

I’m not using it – I’m getting older every SINGLE day – and I’m running out of time to use it at all … so why am I still getting PMS?

I’ve often said I should be able to keep my uterus in a jar on the shelf in the garage. I have a perfectly good one that I’m not able to use – why not let someone borrow it for a while ….. and spare me the weepy hormones.

And on a happier note ….. judd got married. …..

This made me weepy too – and cause I’m a dork and like to act like we’re actually “friends” he and I e-mail back and forth every so often – and each time I get a letter – I’m giddy like a school girl and my nipples could cut glass (wait, I’m pretty sure that last part is period related too … but it was good for the story) but I wrote him the letter of congratulations … and he seems happier than I’ve ever seen him before … it’s cool when you get to be a voyeur on the dream coming true – good luck and a lifetime of sun rises and sun sets in the arms of your love.

So it seems love is in the air.

And so is passive aggressive bullshit….sniff the air – smell that …. It’s passive aggressive bullshit – starring – BOYS …… people, I smell a tony.

But I have mint oreos and diet coke – and I don’t have to be at tomorrow’s training until 8:30 …. And we all know the walgreen’s opens at 8:00.

To all my blog friends – I do owe y’all apologies – I’ve sucked lately at reading and commenting …. I hope to be less involved in my own stuff – and can get back to being jealous of everyone who is funnier than me.

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