Wednesday, June 15, 2005
long time, no blog.

ok - so i suck and i know that, and what's more...i'm ok with it ..... BUT i have had an eventful week ... wrote a blog about it - wanna hear it? here it go.

So job information first ....

I GOT THE JOB! and this is how cool things are- my last check from the 7th circle of hell comes this friday ...and my new job starts on monday ... and here are the things to know about my new job.

1. i will make more money now than i did when i worked downtown
2. the office is 4.8 miles from my house - this includes NO interstate
3. i will be working with people i have known for a couple of years who i like and who like me

so today i had to swing by the new office ( how much do i LOVE saying that?!?! ) and pick up some paperwork - then go to pee in the cup to prove i'm not on drugs except red bull and prozac. why are these testing clinics always in some scum of the earth building... i walk into the office -and it's just teaming with e-bola and other air born haz-mat suit diseases ... anyho, sign in and wait in the annex part of the waiting room, cause there are THAT many people in there. and the nurse-type lady behind the counter says - who is here for a drug test related to employment....there were 4 of us, and she had us come to a different counter, and we were all out of there in about 10 minutes ... but NOT before some trailer/ghetto superstar decided to get loud cause we were "jumpers" ... so sorry sister - suck on it.

anyho, short version is i start work on monday and i'm SO excited about this job ... things are turning around

and speaking of turning - well not really, or well - maybe =)

i put an ad in yahoo personals, last week on like wednesday or something like that. and saturday night i was home skulking around on line and i got a "ping" from someone - we chatted, and seemed to hit it off, we chatted again sunday morning ( now realized i have HUGE stones behind a computer screen, and on the phone - but not so much in person ....anyho, he asked me to lunch on sunday....and i gathered my whatever and said "sure" and i met him for lunch. was GREAT. we spent the whole afternoon together and that night he asked me to his house - and we watched "catch me if you can" ... and he invited me back the next night.

i think this could be good. we talk daily - and he's coming here tomorrow ..... please cross 'em if you got em.

so new job and new boy - boy that i like and likes me - and lives in this very town ... 35 fuckin' rocks.

and what's better than that? free clothes. that's what.

dad said he wants to buy me some new work clothes...who am i to tell this man no?! so mom and i are going shopping in the morning for me and for father's day whatnots....i looked for something for dad this afternoon after the drug test - but came up with nada. i'm hoping that shopping with mom , means mom pays for it....a girl can dream.

so anyway - that's my week so far .... missing you, loving you!

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