Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So I’m really feeling the need to put pen to paper – or keyboard to screen/whatever.

But I’m not sure of what to write about – I have lots of things swirling around in my melon .. some I feel like sharing with the entire internet, some with close friends only, some the opinion of strangers would actually be interesting, and some I don’t even wanna say out loud.

I’m still not freaked out at all about not working at hell ( aka the housing authority ) … and I have a good feeling about the possible job I have on the horizon .. I’m trying to not put all my “eggs” in that basket but still- I’m feeling good about it.

I am a little freaked out about the damn sunburn I got today .. BUT and this is the good news – I’ve been in this neighborhood for almost 4 years now and finally took my fat ass to the pool … that my friends is a good thing … I’m proud of me – and all fat girls know what I’m talking about – yay unto ME. But I have a sunburn damnit … and seriously anyone who has known me for like 20 minutes knows I’m the fair skinned sunscreen queen … but whatever … I can be pink for a couple of days … cause remember – sometimes the best parts are pink!

Speaking of that very thing --- our dear allie had a very spontaneous and exciting Saturday morning … and for that we are all very thankful – now If I could just arrange a replay of that for say right NOW …or NOW… or wait …yeah, NOW would be good.

Evidently I went to the grocery store thirsty this afternoon, cause baby – I got it ALL, beer, wine, cokes ( remember I’m from Georgia – I call it all coke), juice, Gatorade, and christel light … so if you’re thirsty and in Atlanta, come see me – I can help you out.

I also bought some sexy ass ginger scented ( not like from gilligan’s island – but from Thailand ) shampoo and conditioner – after I washed my hair I thought “ damn this smells good, I’d fuck me …smelling this good” which made me giggle- but then, I decided – it’s not a bad thing to think.

My frekin air conditioner upstairs died again ( and for those of you playing along at home, I had it serviced on may 23rd … yup of this year – so I ‘m sofa surfing- cause as my friends have stated on this very blog .. I keep my house ice-box cold ….. and the upstairs is decidedly NOT ice box like ….. so – back to the sofa .. and while it’s FANTASTIC for making out – for sleeping on several nights in a row – not so much.

So this was cute – at the pool with the kids today – the older one and I were talking ( she’s 9 … OH MY GOD NINE…) anyway – she sees the tattoo and I say “Isn’t it cool?…my mom doesn’t know I have it yet? And she in TOTAL deadpan – says – “yeah, that’s not so great an idea” … I adore that kid …. She’s got a smart mouth on her….and the 5 year old was sitting on the floaty thing and I was pulling her around the pool and she says “look out for her royal highness in the water” …..i wonder where they get it from …yeah, that would be ME.

I finally got a microphone to go with this computer – so I can save money by making the porn calls on the ‘puter rather than the cell phone – so that’s a plus.

I got a fantastic email from a reader here – who said some amazing things to me that I’m seriously going to consider – thanks lisa… your words were way too kind.

Did I mention that I got a hair cut when we played beauty parlor this weekend ( or as my goddaughter corrected me – it’s called “SPA” allie ) Stacey chopped off a few inches – I look HOT –and she gave me some rock star highlights and some kick ass tips on having cute toes … we were glamour queens for the EN-tire weekend…
Oh year the a/c man was just here … I’m needin a new unit to the tune of $1500 lucky me.

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