Wednesday, May 25, 2005
question: how much wine is too much?


about 4 glasses less than i had last night ....

resulting in going upstairs ( not passing go, not collecting 200 dollars ) and passing out basically.

i think it's happened.

i can't drink like i used to could ... yes, i said used to could.

my head is POUNDING ... and i feel like the mayor of crap city...but somehow, i still look cute -and i'm good with that.

so, my second question is how many advil can i take while my liver is already processing the gallons of alcohol ....

but i'm at work - lunching at the desk ( popcorn - PLEASE soak this up!! ) and listening to the 80's channel on accuradio and i think i'm gonna set the time on the cell phone and take a little nigh nigh...

posted by Allie @ 5/25/2005 12:18:00 PM


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