Friday, May 13, 2005

i don't talk about work here cause i don't wanna get "dooced" ... but i have to ask - i'm guessing there's some kinda manager or supervisor or whatever who reads this ... and riddle me something please.

Why must there be meetings EVERY friday morning?


where i work fridays are the one day of the week where we generally don't see clients, spend the day filing, working on paperwork, following up with clients et al ..... it's the ONE day where we have a little flexibility in our day to get things done .... and WABO - first thing in the morning it's a meeting to tell us all how much we suck, and how easily we could all be replaced, cause the job market is still tight and people want our jobs .......

just asking.

*so this morning i stopped at the grocery store and picked up 3 Rock Star that too much?

*i have superman issues ( don't ask ) and was on ebay - where they had these cute "jelly" plastice purses/tote bag things .... i won a red one for $1.04 and a blue one for $.99 ..... so now i'm thinking i need some blue flip flops- i have some red ones ...i need the blue to match

*i haven't heard from a friend in a couple of days, and i'm starting to get concerned, he either has the hanta virus again - or had a hot date. I'm hoping for #2.

*i have ( i think ) decided that i'm gonna get my tattoo on my left inside ankle - my parents will go APE SHIT - but you know what? in 20 days - i'm gonna be 35 years old ....really, what can they do??

*i'm going to see Patti Lu Pone TWICE this weekend - i CAN'T wait .... her voice is what heaven must sound like

*what else .... that's all i can think of for the moment .... maybe more will come to me when the drinks kick in

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