Wednesday, May 11, 2005
hot damn

I am in a fantastic mood today. I look way ass cute – my ‘buddy’ at work just told me I look hot and “I could sell you today” … I listened to this great cd I made forever ago and it’s got Thompson Twins, INXS, Soft Cell, Dead or Alive, Culture Club, Scritti Politti, Haircut 100 …. And some other stuff that I don’t know yet …. I’ll find out in the traffic ride on the way home.

I’m on I-75 {behind the frekin minivan with the fish on it doing the speed limit in the fast lane, I hope they’re good with the fish on their car and all, cause driving like that will get you to Jesus pretty damn quick) anyhow, I’m singing “what I really need to do is find myself a brand new lover” at the top of my lungs and doin the car dance …. There are worse ways to start a morning…

Would whoever has my glue gun please return it … I feel a craft coming on.
To the people that invented Mountain Dew….i thank you – and my co-workers thank you too
To the tattoo shop- PLEASE let that hot guy be there … he’s HOT!
To the radio stations, could you PLEASE FUCKIN FIND A WAY to not play commercials at the same time
To greg – please come clean my house already.
To the bank – a couple of extra thou showing up in my checking account would be great, thanks
To Issac Mizrahi – will you marry me, I don’t care if you’re gay … I know people who can make that work
To my Chicago connection - call me, I’m worried about you
To the paper companies – can you round the edges so I can go a whole day without getting a papercut … please and thank you.
To the makers of glitter nail polish – thank you

So last night I got some new shoes and a lip gloss ….. the lip gloss is named “sexy” and the shoes were Carolina blue fake Birkenstocks … I figure the lip gloss balances my clunky shoes…..have I spoken before of my love of the target clearance product – the shoes were less than 7 bucks … and the gloss was like 2 bucks… good times.

I have decided that if I don’t get to the beach soon – I will in fact die. So who’s in…I’m even thinking about driving to savannah for the day – just to go over to tybee island, eat fried shrimp until I think I might explode and lay out on the beach for a while ….

I think it’s hysterical that my blog lately had absolutely NO point,,, just a series of thoughts,,,, nothing linking them together except me – but I’m ok with that too…oh, and I’m cute as a button in case you were wondering – I know it’s true cause the peanut said so

Loving you….

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