Monday, May 09, 2005
and now for something completly different

Happy blog…

With no specific point … but who cares

.So today in the mail I got a package … a cd mix made for me … and buddy if you can include LL Cool J, Public Enemy, old school Beastie Boys, AND BARRY FUCKIN MANILOW…well then sir - I shall be forced to fling my panties at you

I have a dog with addiction issues. Mike is addicted to mint oreos … wonder WHERE he got that from

I talked to the peanut for about an hour tonight - a solid hour of hearing how great you are WILL put a spring in your step

Some of my girls are coming to see me in 17 days … and we're getting our tattoos …. The star that's the logo in the store.

I now have the record as the girl with the most shit in her car … not actual shit silly reader …. But let's say I somehow get trapped in either the desert or the mountains - my dog and I could both survive for weeks.

Listening to Marshall Crenshaw reminds me of the good times in high school ( and makes me wish my friend from that time would e-mail my ass already )

Watching "nanny 911" has helped me come to terms with the realization that I'll probably never have kids … the risk of spawn seems way too high

A dog, even one you adore breathing heavily on your legs begging for the last oreo - will get on your last fat nerve - even if youre not fat … I'm sure you have at least ONE fat nerve - and it will work it.

Why do I still know ALL the works to Rob Bass's "It takes two" … as in "I wanna rock right now, I'm rob bass and I came to get down, I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone" …. BUT I could not remember the quadratic equation if my hair depended on it

Why, when I was the n*sync fan … is #3tx married to a guy who looks like Joey Fatone, and they adore each other … like seriously… …BUT I can say that they have BOTH touched my boobs, slept on my sofa, and I have kissed them both smack on the mouth

I have tickets to see Patti LuPone this weekend - BOTH Saturday and Sunday nights … hello, my name is allie, and I'm a broadway nerd….i will work a showtune into a conversation - it's part of my charm deal wid itI

have tarot cards but I haven't learned how to read them yet - but #3ky can read them.. AND SHE SHOULD BRING HERS WITH HER WHEN SHE COMES HERE

I collect baseball caps …. And when my dad and I go to games, we wear matching caps… shut up - he's my dad and I can do what I want

I have a friend who has been thru some real crap lately - and guess what?Game Over, She Won…so put THAT in your hair dye and bleach it.

Put that in your hair dye - I just made that up - that's funny …. And considering my hair hasn't seen it's natural color since 1983 .. it's extra funny

I have a blogger crush on Monkey … which is funny cause I don't know anything about him, except that he's funnier than me…

ok - that's all i got for now.

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