Thursday, April 28, 2005
so good

so this morning - just about the cutest thing EVER happened ......

my dog (mike) sometimes sleeps in the guest room on the day bed so he can look out the window and monitor the activites of the cul-de-sac....and last night was one of those nights .... and this morning he came in to get me after he heard the alarm go off...and this is how ...

he came into my room, licked me in the face - when i just turned away - he came over to the other side - jumped on the bed laid (lay?) down next to me {facing me} put his paw on my shoulder and did the face lick again .... i know in print in sounds gross - but back me up dog people - is that not the cutest.

speaking of cute - i look WAY cute today - and what's even better is i feel cute.

i swear to god - i'm feeling so much better lately - i don't even know how to say it ....... but i'm so damn pleased.

and i really REALLY REALLY need to go to the beach - who wants to go with - i' m serious - we can do this ..... i need some sun, jimmy buffett music, umbrella drinks, and cababa boys - any takers?

i need to make a beach music ( or at least songs that make me think of summer cd ) and we all know that when i say we, i mean i need to make a list and ask lola to do it for me....

so help me think of songs ..

1. 60 minute man - not sure ( the drifter's maybe)
2. Pulling Mussels from a Shell - squeeze
3. Blister in the Sun - violent femmes
4. 2 Pina Coladas - garth
5. No shoes, No shirt, No problem - country dude
6, Here comes the sun - the beatles
7. Life is a highway - that canadian guy
8. Curbside Prophet - mraz
9. 3 little birds - bob marley
10. September - Earth Wind and Fire

help me with more .... maybe i'll send you a copy when i get mine.

loving you

posted by Allie @ 4/28/2005 08:31:00 AM


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