Wednesday, April 20, 2005
thank GOD for tomorrows

yesterday was a big pile of old man ass and cabbage.

that is to say - it stunk.

but miracle of miracles, i went to sleep, got up took a shower and started over again.

i love that chance.

the starting over again.....i'm working on seeing the possibilities of that in everything.

i have a dear friend who's starting some things over again .... i have another friend at work who is just beginning a battle with cancer.

me, i spent yesterday bitching cause i had the sniffles. it's time for allie to fill her cup up with shut the fuck up.

and i did.

i changed the attitude and started today over. and you know what - it's a WAY ass better day than yesterday - eventhough NOTHING has changed .... except my shift in thinking.

so today at lunch - instead of working thru it at my desk then being pissy about it ... i left the building, got a sammich, and went to the park.

ducks in the middle of the afternoon will put a spring in a girls step....

young YOUNG co-eds ( and from the looks of it - some of their daddies too) shirtless in the sun is also a good thing.

so - today i'm asking this of y'alll - gimme 3 things your happy about today

here are mine

1. i really like me
2. i have a job
3. i have family, friends, and a dog that adores me.

your turn.

"here comes the sun, and i say it's alright"

posted by Allie @ 4/20/2005 01:39:00 PM


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