Wednesday, April 13, 2005
feeling like doing a meme

only there's not one floating out there that i feel like doing ... i could do another one of those 100 things about me....but really what's to know that y'all don't already know .. and do i feel like being all manner of introspective today?? i believe the answer to that is a big fat juicy NO.

i feel like making out all day long to be perfectly serious with you ... and when am i not serious?!?!

but as i can't think of what to say this morning - ( can you tell the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet ) ... here we go with another list o' allie ... we'll see how long this one turns out.

1. my delta tau chi name at the office is "white chocolate"
2. i get updates from the record company and VH1 about Jason Mraz
3. i have never gone to a concert by myself
4. i've only gone to a restaurant once by myself
5. i LOVE going to movies alone
6. i could go back to sleep RIGHT NOW
7. i'm missing a couple of friends so much right now my body aches
8. i'm so worried about another one .. again with the ache
9. i love 'real' amber - but hate the processed smell of it
10. i think i'm going to get a 2nd dog.
11. i'm scared to death to take that leap and follow my dream
12. i kinda wanna get those invisible braces
13. i have a friend coming to town tomorrow that i've waited a whole year to see again
14.i have seen everyone of the numbers boobs
15. i think pretty much all of them are cooler than me
16. i KNOW christel has better boobs
17. i HATE the sound of a phone ringing at work
18. i have learned how to laugh it off and get over it
19. i bought 2 more nail polishes last night ... like i NEED tht
20. i shave my legs everyday
21. i have one beer everyday after work
22. my birthday is june 2
23. 4 word - Jay at the desk
24. i wear make up everyday to work - but don't wear it most weekends
25. i collect basball caps .. love the baseball cap - ponytail sticking out look
26. i'm sleepy this morning.

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