Tuesday, April 05, 2005
not knowin.

I’m feeling some need for changes. Lots of them. And this is a good thing. I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog again ( well, actually –it seems I already have ) and I’m not sure that’s what it’s going to stay as. I’m thinking the actual address will stay the same – but upon reflection it seems the title doesn’t fit me too well
I don’t smoke
as much as I love the cocktail – I don’t have near enough and prolly not enough to warrant my blog being titled after.

So I overslept this morning…but still managed to stop by quick trip to pick up a RockStar energy drink ( shaking fist at sky – damn you christel, damn you) and yes I’m still cute – a little buzzed, but cute…

Sanyways, I got a kickin case of the lonelies last night. Does that happen to everyone? Is it mostly a girl thing? Just wondering.

I had a dreamless night last night – in fact when my alarm on my cell phone went off this morning – I thought for SURE it was just someone calling – and guessed that it was about midnight or so … ( since I was expecting a call around 11:30 ) but damn … it was time to get up. But I couldn’t … just couldn’t. which really isn’t so much like me – I’m generally a decent waker upper …. Not today so much …. ( good god this is boring )

So I need a topic – someone gimme something.

posted by Allie @ 4/05/2005 08:45:00 AM


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