Thursday, March 24, 2005
cause that's how we .... ah, you already know

Thursday, March 24, 2005

imitation is the sincerest flattery
i stole this from Tasty because i admire her and because thats what the Numbers do.I

i stole that first line from #3tx ... again, cause that's what the numbers do.

I Live: in atlanta, fuckin' no moo
I Work: because i have to, i should be opening that spa right no
I Think: all the time. introspection isn't nearly all it's cracked up to be =)
I Smell: like stacey - she gave me her perfume
I Listen: to too many other people
I Hide: not as much as i used to
I Walk: alone
I Write: because it's what i want to do
I See: the real allie
I Sing: a LOT
I Can: make you laugh even when i am in a thousand pieces (and i can heal from that) ... again ditto with the christel
I Watch: my words
I Daydream: about owning my own spa or having my own cosmetics line oh and the book tour with the Numbers".
I Fall: to pieces not nearly as much as i used to
I Want: to be most pleased with me
I Cry: as soon as i see someone else cry
I Read: all the damn time ... anything i can get my hands on
I Love: me. finally.
I Rode: in #4wv's jive ass rv
I Sometimes: am scared to death that people will find the real me and hate her
I Fear: that i will let what other people think about me stop me from doing what i want
I Hope: that my loved ones know how much i love them.
I Eat: with chopsticks whenever possible
I Quit: trazadone
I Drink: sweet tea everyday of my life
I Play: not nearly enough
I Miss: too much to mention
I Forgive: me.
I Drive: other people crazy sometimes
I Dream: of christel and lauren having children
I Have: an amazing suppport group
I Remember: so that i won't do it again
I Don't: give myself the credit i give everyone else
I Believe: i create my reality with my thoughts and actions
I Owe: the universe to put back into it what others have given me
I Know: things happen for a reason
I Hate: hate ( and the dentist )
I Feel: lucky, blessed, hopeful, trusted, responsible, scared, excited, curious, ashamed, proud, and most of all loved. (ditto)

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