Wednesday, March 09, 2005
wednesday version 2.0

I have learned to write in Word instead of directly in blogger after you know what happened to you know who again today ( shut up tiny )

What I remember of what I had written was mostly crap – with a few jewels thrown in there – let’s see what the ol’ melon will remember …..

I’m feeling a whole bunch lot better lately – and for that I thank the find people of lily and the amazing properties found in prozac. I’m not crying as much – and when I do, I can STOP … I’m making actual decisions and not going to the meltdown place …. I can see the “real” allie again …. She’s peeking thru – and we LOVE that.

Let’s see what else … I’m watching mike’s brother this weekend and mike will stay with them when I go to charlotte to see my very favorite gay boyfriends EVER – and I’ve had lots of gay boyfriends. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve these two ( and they have 2 other couples that they’re friends with sittin on the on deck circle for boyfriend ) …and if you’re ever lucky enough to meet them prepare to laugh until you pee just a little bit, and walk away with HUGE crushes! And we’re going to gay bingo so try to top that for fun … laughing, disco music, and a tax write off … top that – you can’t …. So there.

And it’s another Jason Mraz day ( well duh, I’m awake right?! ) and I’m working on some kick ass chai in my “the stupid factory…where boys are made” mug from lola …. So really, things could be a way whole lot worse! AND AND AND my girl scout cookie order came in…. and I look cute today … so really – things are good. I’m hoping the spring in my step will be noticed by people of the penis persuasion soon…we’ll see.

The whole blog thing is weird – it used to be really easy for me to have topics at hand to write about .. and now lately not so much ….so I realize this is pretty much crap – and I’m ok with that cause it’s my blog … and I can do what I want. If only all of life was that easy – cause what I want now is nachos and beer. Well really any food that ends with “and beer” works for me – I realize it’s 10:24 in the morning and I’m supposed to be making smarter food choices .. but really – we all need to up our liquid take – and I choose beer as my liquid … ew, that sounded gross – but whatever.

So this is a hack entry – but go here I’m still pissed that she’s that damn funny – I hate it when people are funnier than me – but whatever – alls I know is the babyjesus WILL be going with me to get a tattoo…and also go here, judd is just the coolest. He’s alive. Like a grown ass man - i wonder can we send boys to him for training ... i'll pay in beer and dog food - how's that? Does that make sense? He’s good people … and I’m hoping that when he flies to see the love of his life – he stops over in Atlanta and let’s me buy him a couple hundred overpriced airport beers.

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