Saturday, February 26, 2005
but first, a rant.

so there i was. mom and i were looking at some of my jewelry and beads ( i make jewelry... anyway ) i have an opportunity to go into a sales venture with my jewelry - so we were looking at current inventory...i decided i really do have a lot - but could use some of a couple of things. we then say - i wish there was a bead store nearby - and i think 'a-ha' i saw a sign for one the other day not too far from here - i've never gone, but let's go check it out.

so in we go to this pretty cute bead store, and i'm looking at the prices, trying not to say out loud "you have GOT to be fucking kidding me" way, way,way overpriced and i dont' care who is paying for it - too much is too much. mom is in a good mood and saying "do you like this, that yadda yadda yadda" and i'm saying "yes, i like it but the prices are REALLY out of control" ... mom then goes into the "if you don't support local small businesses, we'll be stuck with the big corporations ..... fine - a firm direct strike to my liberal heart. so we look around again .. and i have on a pink shirt - and i say - "i'd like to find some bold pink beads ... i can't get enough pink lately .....

to which the sales lady says

"you like pink because the magazines are telling you to like pink"
( let that sink in

so i turn on my heels and reply - "actually no. i like what i like - i don't need a magazine to tell me what i like or what would look good on me. ( eye her up and down,very snotty i know ) but, some people need to get help from wherever they can....and since you work in this shop and WE are the only ones in here - i'm guessing you have lots of time to read"

~and scene~

anyhow, after a really shitty week - this weekend has been good. My best friend and i went out for dinner and some window shopping friday night - she brought over some dvd's and we had a reese witherspoon festival .. and slumber party - then this morning went to krispy kreme - and they were WAY hot ... top that, you can't. then we walked thru tar-jaee, then to barnes and noble - and i'm all self help booked up.

then lunch with mom, financial summit., took mike on a walk .... and chatted with se7en for a while and he swanked up the haloscan for me ... yay ... and i decided to re-arrange my bedroom ( rookie move - sore back - but it looks good ) - i'm listening to my "songs for queens" cd #3ky made for me ... and getting ready to watch another dvd and breakout the popcorn. could be worse.


ok - so now it's monday ... and i had a dream about ricky martin... and justin timberlake. Ricky and Justin and ME oh my! so evidently i've been talking to #5 too much and i'm now all about the 20 year old man again .... ding DONG!

so i brought a bunch of latin music to the office today...well if i think about it's really Puerto Rican and Cuban music .... but really YUM and YUM. so... i'm feeling good and cute, and listening to music that puts a spring in my step - AND a friend at work brought me a slice of pound cake ... folks, it don't get much better than this.

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