Wednesday, March 02, 2005
happy girl...

i'm in such a good place today it's almost scary .... but it's not.

get this, i have slept thru the night for over a week - take that motherfuckers! this is a HUGE deal - i haven't done that since like 12th grade - and for those of you doing the math - that was 17 years ago ( oh my damn that was painful to type .... ) i got a haircut ( or hairscut if you will ) last night - and while it always seems a little short the next day - it actually looks pretty good ... and i know i talk about hair a lot ... but here the deal ..... fat girls can't loose a ton of weight overnight .... but we can make DAMN sure our clothes, hair, nails, and makeup is/are flawless .... it helps me with the cute feelings..

i listened to Mr. Mraz while driving to work this morning ... i have such a full on crush on that boy with the tragic hair .... his words make me happy. and i saw funny things in traffic

*a "support our troops" ribbon ( there's a ribbon story coming later - if LTT doesn't steal it) ...and i'm all about supporting our troops - one friend devilboss has a son returning from Iraq soon - and my friend Shawn goes over soon .... BUT i'm assuming while they mean all the troops - they mean specifically the troops in Iraq ( etc ) and the ribbon was the traditional green camo ... and not desert camo .......

* i saw a "fire safety and prevention" van with a guy smoking in it ....

* i saw another company's van that was obviously very new and very expensive - and the lettering was crooked.

* and one more, a truck advertising a concrete company ... called concreat. ( um.. huh?)

and this ... this made me laugh until the point of pain. enjoy. ( walks away shaking head ... white people .... poor poor white people )

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