Friday, March 18, 2005
sleep then wake ...

And we are back to Friday. Thank god. Cause this week has been a bit of a pain in the ass. Not like sitting on broken glass pain in the ass … but a pain nonetheless. I’m looking forward to the weekend, I am going to the office for a few hours tomorrow morning – but that’s just because I need to catch up on some stuff as I have had not one but TWO doctor’s appointments this week – that can really screw up a girls time …. But anyway.

Shawn is going to come see me next week – and that’ll be nice – he’s going off to desert training next weekend in california – the to Iraq shortly after … so … it’ll be good to see him… THEN the boys from Charlotte come down next weekend .. YAY and YAY we’re going all over the town – but especially to Crate & Barrel, The Flying Biscuit, Outwrite Bookstore, the Varsity, and the Vortex ( shiner’s and choker burgers anyone..anyone?) And then the following weekend – I’m going to charlotte to see them .. and then the following BRAVES OPENING GAME! I cannot wait to get to the stadium ( or the “ted” if you will ) have a beer or two and a real life disgusting hot dog … cause I want one damnit…should be a good couple of weeks – and hell, I deserve it.

So, it looks like that’s all for the moment – I’m sitting with hair color on the head – for a few more minutes ….. then off to the head shrinker. Lucky girl.

Love, me

P.S. – #3tx, thank you for being you. You’re amazing and I love you – I’m so proud that you call me friend.

and p.s.s. - i've listened to this song about 30 times today ... and it makes me happy ... and since i'm such a giver, i share with you..

words & music by jason mraz

Hey love, where you going to?
You're not sleeping anymore, you're just trying to.
Stay love, where you running to?
Awful happens all the time, don't let it kill you.

Easily with me I feel as fast as I can see...
Afraid of the horror stories I fall down on my knees.

Come away, come away.
From all these things unheard
If a chosen word has got you cornered
Then it's a lesson learned
Like close the book before it burns you.
Come away, come away.
From all these things unseen
At the price you paid I promise you won't believe anything they say
Belief will only disappoint you

In case you never noticed the path you never chose has chosen you.
Afraid to face and break it.
The secret.

posted by Allie @ 3/18/2005 09:11:00 AM


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