Friday, March 11, 2005
friday, friday, friday is my favorite day

does your radio statin play that song on friday mornings? i had never heard of it - until my best friend moved to colorado and when she came back - i would get that song sung to me on friday mornings .. and i noticed the other day - that one station here plays that song - they should really be shot - it's too early for that kinda perky.

there have been some big changes at work... and it sorta sucks, and is sorta ok - but i don't talk about work here ... so i'll carry on...

i do have to go to the dermatologist this morning - which is always a thrill, usually i don't mind that appointment one bit - but today she wants to do the yearly cancer, not today sister - feel NO desire to slap on the gown and have somone scan over every inch of me and someone else stand there and take notes ...."freckle on upper right arm, scratch on left forearm, .... again, verily i say unto you not today sister .... just write the script and let me outta here.

i'm having a really hard time coming up with things to write this past week or so, i don't know if this is a sign that my blogging experience might be nearing it's end, or that things have been so busy for me - that i don't have non work things to talk about, or what ... but hopefully the funny will return ... or i might go on hiatus for a while....

but until that kinda decision is made .. have a great weekend - i have the 2nd dog this weekend again - and i LOVE even if there is no date...there are dogs!

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