Thursday, March 17, 2005
is that a shillelagh in your pocket?

or are you just happy to see me!!???


i love this holiday, sure for the drinking, and the cute red-headed boys, but just for me that it means all fun all the time. in the past my girls and i have decended upon Jackson, Mississippi for the "million queen march" on ( or near ) st. pat's day ( cause you know - down here, we sometimes move holidays around for convenience's sake ) ... but not this year - or last year either - but i will hit a pub or two tonight and cocktail the evening away ... prepare ye for the dunk-n-dial.

Anyway – today is a good day so far – and for this I am thankful. DB’s son is returning to American soil today, home from war….welcome home #3ky’s cousin … you’re much loved!

Speaking of lola – thanks SO much for talking to me in the car – I was THIS close to calling him yesterday …. Your support and friendship is appreciated ( ps – your “stern” voice is pretty hot – just so you know) and and and it looks like I might be spending my birthday with Stacey – tattoos at 35 anyone? Yes, please. {until I chicken out}

What else … actually things are pretty calm today – I think the other day’s misunderstanding and hurt feelings are either patched up or on their way to it – so that makes me feel better … and so does this … I a birthday card years ago from my friends ann and dara – or maybe just ann – dara and I might have still been in our two years of discontent ( that’s another story for another day with a FANTASTIC ending. Thank God – yay for the big girl panties )

But I have the front of the card in my cube farm .. and I look at it everyday … it says

“ Tiaras,
crowns, and
were made to
show you off.

You are the dutchess
of everything today.

You have every reason
to strut.

Do just that.”
Maya Angelou

So me and my green eyed, red headed, green shirt wearing - family from Ireland a million years ago is going to take her walk … it’s a day to strut....oh oh oh and how could i forget - it's a time to shop too ...
go check this out ... how fantastic - buy me something, or get yo'ownself a little somethingsomething and you can be like us ..

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