Wednesday, March 23, 2005
feeling groovy

Ah,…goodgoddamn I love coffee in the morning and #3ky was talking yesterday about coffeegoddess’ crème brulee coffee – so you know that’s what I had to make this morning … it’s like having a little of christel in a mug …. Of course it would be even BETTER if someone would buy me this … but it’s still damn good.

So guess what I’ve done for the past 2 nights. Slept thru the night. WITHOUT MEDICATION. I’ve been tapering off on the nighttime drugs … and now I’m OFF of them – everyone please rise and commence to doing the happy dance… ( preferred tune: either Abba’s “waterloo” or Kool and the Gang’s “get down on it” )

I know I talk about my friends and how much I love them a whole bunch lot – but I never ever EVER wanna be one of those people that didn’t tell the people that I loved that I love them. I want there never to be any question about it …so Christine, my numbers, various queens, my Chicago connection, my beloved BELOVED boys in Charlotte, ann and da, I do love you all a whole bunch lot. I’ve also made some kickin “internet” friends, wendy ( who finally joined the slut club – I’ll give you your new member packet when I see you next week ), my blog guru ( the man who talks more freely about sex than even ME) se7en, mike ( who I think we should clone –cause damn he’s a sweetie ), and most surprisingly ( given our nasty situation last year ) my long tall Texan.

I’m really glad to see that I’m getting way back to happy allie. I’ve missed her, and she’s frekin great. I’ve had this wonderful ( and at times terrible ) ability to be the funny, silly, laughing girl even when I felt like crawling in a hole - for fear that my “friends” wouldn’t like the “real” me – but you know what – they do.

I’m the idiot for questioning me and them … but those days are over.

AND I am rocking ALL MANNER of glitter polish today….

….and newest sticker collection addition in the cube “ another bright blue dot in a really red state”

posted by Allie @ 3/23/2005 08:25:00 AM


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