Thursday, April 07, 2005
again with the nothing

Ok – so it’s Thursday and I’m at the office … listening to Maroon 5 and trying to find my happy place - but that music is so sexy to me that instead of finding my happy place - i'm finding another one that starts with h and ends with y.

I was bitching last night to a friend about being depressed and he said I wasn’t depressed .. for a split second I got irritated and said “then what am I” and his response was “Sparkly”

Is that not the best answer possible?

I was the 14 year old on the phone last night, which is always good, I have a rockin’ support network of friends….i met one last night that i haven't seen in a while ...we've known each other since college days he's my O.G.B. ( original gay boyfriend) and we had a pitcher of margaritas and nachos ( which is a close second to my favorite combination of nachos AND BEER ) and it was good to do come catching up – and MY GOD is he a pretty man. It’s bad when you look at yourself and you’re like “hey, not to bad miss girl, looking pretty good” then you see him and you’re all “I got nothing”

So here’s something – is it weird that I’m so excited for Judd – that it’s like I’m meeting my own love for the first time? I really hope it works our for him…to quote the Dixie Chicks … as I am known to do “I believe in love” and I hope hope hope he’s found it. I hope for all of us to find it - but this one, he’s a good egg.

I’m up to my ass parts busy at work – but that’s ok – it’s why they pay me … and tomorrow I’m going to the Braves game with daddy – and that my friends doesn’t suck either.

One of these days I’m going to be topical again – I just know it – sometime it will happen!

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