Monday, April 11, 2005
ah, springtime in georgia

the roads are yellow, the cars are yellow, and if you're outside for longer than 30 seconds, you'll be yellow too.

that bastard pollen is out.

and i am awake at 4:30am to talk about it. WHY you ask?

cause that little bastard pollen HATES sleep. it does all that it can to make sure that you don't. this includes but is not limited to...

*watery eyes
*sneezing ALL the time
*stuffy nose

and my friends, for some reason this year ... the makers of claritin have decided that their usually wondermus product will no longer work for this here i am 4:30 on a monday morning ... awake (but tired mind you) for about an hour ... knowing that the alarm goes off in one more hour and that i MUST be in the shower by 6.

i smell a good day don't you ....

anyway ... friday night was opening night at the ted for MY atlanta braves. and we barely made it there - i swannee - traffic was OUT of control and they changed up the parking situation and there were NO spots to be had - it took us about an hour and fifteen to get to the stadium ( which is about 3 miles from my office ) and another hour to look for somewhere to park - before calling a friend of mine who lives downtown and telling him we were going to park in his driveway and walk the way to the stadium ... maybe 9 blocks or so ...

anyway - so we get there - and i make a mad dash for the beer ... people, i've been in the car with daddy for 2+ is required. Lemme tell you a little something, if you go to a braves game and you want "a" beer - i say "a" to indicate that it's ONE beer... it will cost you SIX DOLLARS AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS. yup you read that right .... and if you're saying "you must be fucking crazy to spend that kinda money one ONE beer - verily i say unto you.....2 hours in the car + dad who's getting cranky= no price too high for the beer.

so we get inside the ted - and damn - that's a cool ass place - it's really great - there were fireworks, and fighter jet flyovers, and WE WON. top that - you can't.. don't try.

saturday - i did use all the approprite products and my house is CLEAN ( praise jesus - or mr. clean, whichever) which is always a good thing ... saw the folks for a quick quick visit - ( again praise him ) ... and sunday i did church ala tv. that is not a bad idea, lemme set the scene .... english muffin & coffee to snack on, crawled back in the bed with the dog, watched some guy on tv preach that was actually interesting, then during the commericals watched the food channel and movies on TNT - not too shabby huh??

and did i mention that it's spring?! so it's time to break out the spring pedicure colors ... now i'm not one of those women who just have cute feet in the summer - i have cute feet ALL the time ( it's one of the HUNDREDS of issues that makes me... well, me) but i did a trek to the beauty supply store - got some new polishes ( yes i said some - cause ... if you've known me for more than 30 seconds - or ever been to my house and have seen for yourself what's in the drawer in the coffee table { not THAT you perverts, that stuff is in the bottom drawer of my bureau in my room} you know that i had an AMAZING collection of nail polishes ... and the difference between mango, mangolishious, and hot mango polishes is subtle but very important to someone like me....

ok - i MUST try to sleep for an hour or so ....thank dog i went ahead and got some ROCK STAR energy drinks at publix this weekend - cause i'maneed them ....

( christel, did you know that ants don't like cinnamon?)

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