Friday, April 08, 2005
yay it's working...


the land of the free, and the home of the BRAVES
That’s right people – at seven something tonight I’ll be where every girl loves to be … with a beer in one hand and a mustard covered wiener in the other ……

Or something like that ….

I am in SUCH a good fuckin’ mood today – the funk of earlier this week is gone .. I figured out some stuff that has been really bothering me…and it’s all cake. I thought some thing was broken that couldn't be fixed - then i realized it wasn't mine. Not only not mine to fic, but really not mine ..... ( insert the "freedom" refrain from rere franklin's "think" here) It’s a beautiful spring day here in Atlanta. The Braves home opener is tonight – daddy and I are going, and all is right with my world. So this is a good thing … I’m such a dork about this game ( oh shut up, I realize I’m a dork about a million things – but we’re talking baseball here ) for someone who is so NOT sporty and really not that outdoorsy ( I know you’re all saying “really allie, you?!?!” I know ) I love that game – I’ve been known to go to high school games and old timer games .. it’s just plain fun to watch …. I played when I was a kid … but now – allie don’t do running….but going to games with daddy has always been so special – it’s one of the very few things that just the two of us do together … so this is special and I dig it.

I need to call greg and ask him what kinda mickey he slipped me … cause lately I can’t clean ENOUGH. And as christel and I were discussing, the products are so very important. I am such a sucker for the advertising … so the bubbles will come to “life” and scrub everything so I don’t have to ?!?! SIGN ME UP I am so into the damn products – like that’s ½ the battle .. once I get the products out, and the music cranked .. the battle is on.. and i have the ability to win the war- as long as the proper supplies are used ... i am really a stickler for that - and it cracks me up ... do NOT use kitchen cleaning products anywhere but the want windex - fine, have one in the kitchen, and one in each bathroom .... but never the two should meet ...ah, ( can you imagine WITHOUT the prozac) but whatever, but i do want the floors to "shine like the top of the Chrysler building" ( snail mail presents to whoever can tell me where that line came from) and by tomorrow afternoon i want to declare with hands on hips and the smell of pine– sol in the air " this house is clean" but actually, I mean really, I think it should be a self cleaning house. I spend all the money on the mortgage AND I provide cleaning supplies .. can’t it then clean itself – or can’t I get some hot guy to do it where I can just sit on the sofa and (ahem) supervise.


I mean really – I vaccumed, swiffered, and mopped the kitchen floor last night, and about 20 minutes later I went in there to rinse out the mop … looked down … BLAM – black dog hair … maybe having a black dog and an all white kitchen was NOT the greatest idea…but that ship has sailed ….

does anyone remember the crowded house song "fingers of love"? i was told last night that i liberally sprinkle all my friends with love .... and everyone loves sprinkles ....

so i have sprinkles of love for all y'all.

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