Thursday, April 14, 2005


ok - so sometimes these jokes are just for me... but today - i got in the car and saw sitting in the passenger seat 1/2 a bag of peanuts dad and i had gotten at the game last week ( does this tell you anything about the condition of my car ) and BUSTED out laughing, because my friend the 'peanut' flies into town today .... loved it.

and fyi - red bull seems to have a much more hyper effect on me than the rock star drinks - i think i JUST became a full on red bull fan

i should get to wear jeans to work everyday - it puts me in a way ass good mood.

i have discovered these 'sex' candles - that are made of soy and when they melt - they turn into a massage oil .... i bet stacey could so get you off on these ... one time for me and one time for nigh nigh

listening to kid rock's "cocky" while drinking red bull on the way to work earns you about 17 white trash points

that's all i got for now - i'm sure they'll be updating as the day goes along.

*** like now

i just remembered that yesterday i met up with a friend of mine from my last job and we went to the "adult toy" store at lunch ... and i noticed - everyone looking at "toys" of all varieties were women ... all men were looking at movies to rent or buy .... which i found strange .... doing vs. watching.

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