Friday, April 22, 2005
lunch menu

teddy grahams and mountain dew.

i'm thinking that's not the best idea - although this hasn't been a stellar day...

but it's friday, and payday, and i have beer at the house .... and if i were a betting man ( which except for the man part - i am ) a burger of some form will be consumed tonight.

wanna know something ... last weekend i was having shoe and "fellowship" festival with peanut.... and this weekend - i'm having a financial summit with the folks... and doing yard work - including spraying the tree out front with some chemical that will kill the tent caterpillars .. .and hopefully NOT kill me and the dog.

so i'ma need some fun ... i see some girly time for me happening - cause lately when the stress strikes, girly stuff, girly movie ( paul ruffalo anyone?), and the pupper seem to be the prescription .... i'm also going to be working on ye old resume' cause ... well i can, and probably should ...

anyone hiring?

i might be easy - but i'm not cheap ....

i am willing to move though......


but ... today is 1/2 way over - i'll be home in 5 hours ... and have a weekend to do what i want to .

yay me.

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