Monday, April 25, 2005
strap in...

no, no strap ON you freaks ( and i love you for it ) ... but this is going to be a classic lunch time mountain dew infused blog entry.

so... while some things are still really stressful...i'm still really REALLY good.

i don't know what happened, i'm working very consciously in living in the moment, ( how very zen of me) i have "believed" that for a long time - but recently i made a decision that it would be my truth. i'm really deciding to be happy - and it's working for me - yay me.

did i tell y'all about shopping with christel? well i did - one night last week we were online chatting - and decided that we both NEEDED new lipgloss - got in our respective cars, went to our respective wal-greens, and shopped together on the phone - we MIGHT could ( yes, might could) be bigger dorks - but i'm not really seeing how.( matching razors, foot lotion, and i do believe lipgloss thanks for asking )

the weekend was pretty good...thank god - i needed some good and some downtime ... last night was funny though - i ordered pizza for dinner - and guess who delievered it .... that's right the pizza boy - was funny, i had just showered, wet hair, no makeup, and a real live boy shows up at the house ...... and what's funnier, wanted some 'action' ..... dude, i ordered p-i-z-z-a NOT p-e-n-i-s.

( that's funny - i dont' care who you are! )

ohohoh- and #4 and i had an enitre conversation about shampoo and conditioner. we could not BE more girly .... we could be fatter girls - but not more girly.

i'maneed the charlotte boys to come back down here and see me - or i need to go back up there - i can't get enough time with them....

and i can see a trip to texas sometime this year - i'm missing my #3 BIG TIME .... and her cute ass husband ( who is cute, and also has a cute ass,...but that's not really my point)

not that i really have a point .....

oh but one more point of interest - i got an email from the "handsy/swinger" boy.

why me lord?

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