Sunday, May 01, 2005
weddings, hands off the boobs, and dorks

Ok – so I wasn’t there - cause I don’t go to weddings … at least until I find the man that’s to be mine or one of the numbers renews their vows or stacey and I finally just get married already – neither one of us is gay – but we wear the same size clothes …and both love makeup and hair products – I think I can build a life around that…..

But the parental units went to a family wedding where it was said ( and I shit you not )…. { by the minister,preacher, pastor whatever)

Now that “x” and “y” are in front of us …

let’s “get r’ done”

and scene.

There’s so much I want to say – but really. On this one – I got nothing. And by nothing – I mean I have SO VERY FUCKING much to say that if I start I will not ever be able to talk about anything else – and I don’t wanna start that.

Ok what else – had dinner with ann and da this weekend – I could adore them more- but I’m not sure how … they even have a sexy new convertible BMW that I can’t be all the jealous about – cause when I saw myself in it- I really saw how very cute I am …. Well if not cute – hot. ( but who are we kidding – was cute too)

And I’m still basking in the post peanut glow – is that wrong … he’s a fun one. So lemme answer my own question – no that’s not wrong… wanna know what is wrong – when someone (pizza boy) comes over and is not here for 5 seconds before the hands go to the boobs…needless to say – so I’m going to say it – he went home blue and pissed – cause you don’t go straight for the boobs and get what you want. Boys, be subtle. And 9 times out of 10 – go slow.

Lauren and I are dorks. We’re ok with it. We have an unnatural love of the mraz. Not in a sexual way necessarily – but in a please oh please oh please write more music – play more concerts – and of yeah – if you need to crash at my house – that’s cool too…we’re both on the mraz mailing list – and saw that he joined a forum for musicians and their fans to talk – so being the dorks we are – we joined - and HE ADDED US AS FRIENDS. In a “could we BE bigger dorks” kinda way we are now close personal friends with Jason mraz.

Yes you may touch us. Some more than others!

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