Friday, April 29, 2005
i double dog dare you

to wake up in the morning to the song "september" by earth, wind, and fire .... and be in a bad mood.

can't be done.

well, i'm sure it can be - but i didn't.

i did however have the "gas light is on ... no cash on hand" .... negotiating with the car the whole way to the office ... "please, baby - just get me to the office - and i'll fill you up at lunch...momma promises ... just get me there" but then since traffic was really light this morning - i got to work quickly - ran to the publix got the obligatory red bull .... got some cash - and was off to search for a gas station in the hood.

i don't know if all of you know this or not - but i work in the hood.


way in the hood - where all the gas is prepay (which i hate) and is more than a little scary.

but i did see a good fight between 2 drunks - one won money in a scratch lottery game ... and didn't share with the other drunk.

good times.

posted by Allie @ 4/29/2005 08:45:00 AM


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