Monday, May 09, 2005
allie's handy guide ...

….to getting thru depression

*realize that although some things are fun to have sitting on your chest – the bus of depression isn’t one of them*

*when you’re feeling icky – CALL UPON YOUR FRIENDS. They will be there to help you … help you get thru the ickyness …help you get that new tattoo …help get you off – whatever.*

*If you’re not in a relationship ( or hell maybe if you are ) find someone cute to flirt back with you – hearing how great your rack is, or how your hair is excellent, or how you have cute feet .. will put a hitch in your giddiup*

*Buy new lipgloss …. It ALWAYS fits, on fat, skinny, bloated, puffy…whatever day – the gloss will fit*

*Same goes with purses and nail polish …. Shoes can be good – but fit can be tricky*

*Give yourself a deadline to be over it … even if you have to fake it – be over it*

*Make your battery supply is well stocked.*

*Make sure the shower massage is working and the water supply is strong*

*Get dressed…put on make up = all of it .. it’ll help*

*Listen to HAPPY music .. I have a fantastical 80’s cd for this purpose … you cannot be sad listening to haircut 100 and scritti politti*

*Eat something from all 4 food groups. Cheese, fried, chocolate, crème filled*

*Stay AWAY from people who will judge you … judgement and questions can happen when you’re feeling better – when you’re in the hole – TRUST ME – it feels like one more person jumping your shit – and not in the way that requires a lubricant*

*Wear really bright or wild colors on your toes … glitter and rhinestones are good too – but remember – the rhinestones will come off if you wear closed toe shoes*

*Remember everyone has at least 2 people they can call on that will never forsake them – they go by the names of ben & jerry*

*Did I say call your friends, cause you should… and if you think you don’t have any – email me – I’ll be your friend*

*If you have a monkey – touch it*

*That was to see if you were paying attention – but if you have a pet – play with it – that’s the best kinda love – totally completely unconditional. Amazing*

*For women ( or hell, men too ) put on your sexiest undies …. And if you can think about it …. Wear a skirt with no panties at all – kinda fun* and boys - if you're sporting the kilt - let this girl know please, momma LIKE*

And if you’ve done all that … continue to take your meds … and call one of the numbers … you will laugh until you pee upon yourself … and know that you are loved.

Feel what you’re feeling …. Then call me – I got something you can feel ;)

posted by Allie @ 5/09/2005 12:44:00 PM


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