Wednesday, May 04, 2005

“They say I’m cocky and I say “what” it ain’t braggin if you do it and you back it up”

Evidently I’m channeling my white trash side today – and I’m ok with that. I listened to that song this morning 3 times in the car while chugging the rock star drink…and wondering WHY must all the radio shows play commercials at the same time and TALK TALK TALK … it’s not talk radio … and no I don’t care about the run away bride. I liked the movie … that’s enough ….

So yesterday was one of my god daughters birthday’s … she’s 9 NINE…. Oh my good goddamn …. So she got nine presents from me – and since I’m the coolest thing in her world ( and yours too whether you realize it or not ) I got her 3 lipglosses and 6 nail polishes … and her first piece ( I think ) of serious jewelry. Ok so that’s 10 to the math nerds … and actually I got her an outfit too – actually I told her mom “I’m in for 20 bucks get whatever that will buy” I have 2 goddaughters and I adore them both – have a day – any kind of day – then have a 9 year old and a 4 year old run to see you throw hugs around your neck – then wanna sit next to you at dinner …. That’s a good goddamn day. I LOVE other people’s kids. Then I brought home the chicken from my salad to my dog … and mike went INSANE – like he’s never had meat before – and we KNOW he has, he goes to wendy’s once a week for a jr cheeseburger …. Yeah I spoil him, shut up – I’m single, employed, in my mid thirties, and I can do what the fuck I want to. Yay me.

And after the pasta fest for the birthday girl – and I did the home stuff – I ended up …yes of course, on the phone …. Talked to Chicago mary for a while … MAN, I haven’t caught up with her in forever –so that part was good. Then to christel – who made me laugh until I snorted. I hope you have a friend like that – one who makes you laugh so hard you run the dog out of the room …… then talked with Stacey … who ohmydamn she’s what I want to be when I grow up – she’s a real grown ass woman … I’m working on being that – in some ways I’m so grown – and others – still such a child – and not in the good way ….. oh and check this, while I’m on the phone with Stacey – the pizza boy calls…. whatever…. He called later that night ---- he’s so dead to us now. He just needs to realize this….

But in coolness – I found another twin- and very potentially another number…or at least fraction in Kristen. I think it’s so cool how this blogger/internet/chat thing can bring people together – I’ve met some wonderful people this way .. and it’s cool as all get out….

Ok the rock star drink is wearing off – I’m off to do the dew … but I’m feeling highly chatty today – so feel free to email me all day long ( hint hint )

And tex, good luck with all the school stuff – get it done and return to me.

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