Tuesday, May 03, 2005
#3tx said do it - so i am....

first of all...


is a song about someone coming home from prison................

ok that said

I wanna talk about ribbons.

On cars

The magnet ones

I have seen the following on the road.

Yellow – duh
Camo – duh
Pink – breast cancer
White – lung cancer
Lavender – ovarian cancer
Puzzle pieces – autism
Paw prints – animal care
Green – environmental issues…

Ok – I’m done.

I think they’ve lost some of their significance…

And I have some new ones I’ve been working on to bring the significance back

Barbed wire – friend/family of prisoner
Bitemarks on edge – dental health
Blurred edges – vision health
Shaggy edges – sorrow for bad haircut
Smeared colors – poor make up application – OR putting make up on in the car
With the word “rybin” – for illiteracy
With a ‘hemp’ print on it – legalize drugs
For women – a woman giving “oral love” with a red line thru it – so the man knows not to ask
For men – well – the same thing really
A silver ribbon with a bull on it – driver under effect of red bull
Hawaiian print – operating on island time – do not follow
Mouth on it – driving while talking on the phone
With “coffee cup rings” on it – driving while buzzed on the gogo juice

So I’m thinking of more – and as I do – I’ll post them here…

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