Sunday, May 22, 2005
I am an official LDS now.

I have some really amazing girlfriends ( and boy friends too) ( perhaps you’ve heard me talk about them…I know shut up )

Anyway I have special silly things I do with all of them … with chaz and greg we work lines from “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and “Steel Magnolias” and “ Designing Women” into any and all conversations, chaz is one of the sweetest people God ever put on the planet, and greg is funny, way ass funny, consistently funnier than me, almost to the point of wearing adult diapers funny.

Christine has been my best friend for about 13 years now. She came to work in my office one day and BLAMO – friends … and what’s hysterical – we could NOT be more different, C – married/kids A – not so much. C- FLAMING republican A - screaming liberal C- minivan A – not so much C- has guns in her house A – are you FUCKING kidding me? C-2 words “talk radio” / then there’s the all Christian all the time never ending radio station that I am forced to change IMMEDIATELY A – alternative rock radio….or classic LOUD rock

Ann/Dara – that’s about a 30 page blog in itself. These are amazing women – I adore them completely …..and at Thanksgiving – remind me to tell y’all the “who wants pie?” story – it’s a classic in it’s own right.

The Numbers – yes, of course the numbers, in fact 3 of us are getting together this weekend - to laugh, eat, drink, cry, laugh, eat, drink, eat, buy flip flops and lip gloss - and get tattoos.

These are some amazing ass women that I would take a bullet for … duh. However each of us has our own relationship with each other – some are tighter than others, some can’t let a single day go by without touching base 4 or 5 times. I love each of these girls completely, but even I myownself have silly traditions or habits that are just for each other. Mary and I have to scream “BALLS” every time we use it in conversation. (ex. She tells me a story about cooking something and says “then you roll it up in little balls and stick it in the fridge … we’ll both pause a minute and then yell out “BALLS" ) yeah we’re dorks and we’re ok with it. Now Stacey and I are the oldest members of the group – and in some ways we just might be the silliest – one way is we have this things where after either one of us has “ had relations” we have to call each other and tell – when I was with peanut – he went into the bathroom – and I called Stacey… sure did. Lola - she and I are music dorks … when she found “rocketman” by Mraz she called me and I listened to it while in the middle of a bubblebath …. That and we can talk about makeup for HOURS – how can you not love that ……..

And then there’s christel … damn – it’s a good thing we have free long distance – cause we talk – a whole bunch lot.

And we have a new favorite pastime we did it again last night … it was our second venture into “long distance shopping” for some silly reason all of us are addicted to the drug store – walgreen’s in particiular …. And have all shopped together and squealed with glee ….

But Christel and I have taken it to a new level – now I live in Georgia, and she lives in Texas but we still shop together …. We each get on our cell phones and load up into the car – and go to our respective walgreens - then we shop this is how last night’s went ….

A-ohh, Revlon has a bunch of new summer colors out
C -where where
A-it’s on one of the displays right when you walk into cosmetics
C - ok – lemme go back there
then a 5 minute conversation on which nail polish we like best ... then i'm on the shampoo et al site - and i say - my hair is getting a little fly away-ie ... what should i get - then we spend 10 minutes discussing that .... we're beauty supply dorks - and real ok with that. Then we proceed spending the next 30 minutes on the phone in the walgreens discussing everything, like is blush 140 or 130 better for my skin tone ( yes we know each others skin tone and make up habits ) to buying the same nail polish so we’ll match 5000 miles away from each other, to what hair color would look good on each one of us…. Then - TO TOYS … yeah we’re silly ….

THAT is what makes me an LDS … long distance shopper… bad joke – i know shut up.

Some people say “Love makes the world go round” … I say that is true but you also need to toss LARGE amounts of silly in there to have any fun.
4 days and a wake up lola and Stacey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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