Friday, May 27, 2005
it's a good damn day..

i just talked to stacey and she's almost in louisville to pick up lola ... have breakfast with a friend .... head south to meet up with another friend then further south to some see ME!

i have been requested to replay the famous cul-de-sac flashing experience from the numbers conference ..... which i will of course do - i LOVE that - it makes me giggle.

and i passed the first hurdle for that new job i'm hoping to get - i have an "assessment" on wednesday - cross everything ya got please.

so this weekend's plans include the tatoo we've been talking about for the last 4 months, shiners and burgers, a psuedo/quasi birthday wing ding - including MANY beers and disco bowling, and a bbq at christine's house on monday ( and yes, for those of you playing at home - it's actual bar-b-que .... and fried pickles )

now, back to christel - she lives in texas last night and told me SHE DIDN'T HAVE THE A/C ON!! my polite politically correct answer was .... "what are you in fucking cambodia? turn on the goddamn air"

and i have a quasi serious concern in my head that i need to address - but everytime i say something - it's somehow my fault ... and momma has been down that road before and doesn't wanna travel it again anytime soon...(and it's not about you - you're not that important in my life )

but i'm listening to beach music - have a fan FUCKING tastic weekend to look forward to ... so things are amazing.

and i feel some funny swirling around - maybe i'll share later!

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