Thursday, May 26, 2005
strangeness ... but kinda funny too

it's such a good day here in allie land ... i'm at work -BUT it's almost a 3 day weekend ... everyone seems to be in a good mood - which is a welcome change of pace....

i have to go to the store tonight and pick up snacky nibbleie thing for tomorrow and also do some light cleaning ( translation - make sure the house SMELLS like pine sol - and the big chunks are picked up )

did you ever have someone one minute like you - and one minute hate you ... and find out later they still hate you - and you haven't given them 3 seconds of your's interesting....i think that may be going on with me .... seems so high school... a very us and them thing going on - only... there's no reason for it - but whatever...... as i've quoted here before "if someone can walk away from you - let them" poof.

so i also talked to the peanut last night - i dig his wee ass .... always makes me feel sexy and cute - even if i don't feel it myownself - everyone should have one of those.

i'm going to wear my monkey flip flops this weekend in honor of the dancing monkey - and also my newest internet crush Monkey ( check the side bar )

i've also decided that we should ask for 5 person table everywhere we go ... in honor of the girls who can't be here

tell me please (ladies) that this has happened to you - it's "that time" and you reach for the box and it's EMPTY - but if you take a moment and go thru a couple of purses - you can find like 16 of those damn things .... that was my morning - and it makes me LAUGH

oh - and why why why - when you start your car and it's on "E" and you decide to go on to work anyway - and get gas near there WHY must you get behind some small dicked ass hole who decides he needs to be the pace car - ( and they seem to always have a fish on their car .... )


go here to check our new tattoo and to see the reasoning behind it.

this is obviously one of those add on during the day blogs - so i'm sure i'll be back....

yay me.

posted by Allie @ 5/26/2005 10:06:00 AM


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