Wednesday, June 08, 2005 and car repair.

and now that i have your attention....

Sometimes I think I’m still a teenager.

A teenager who can buy alcohol and porn legally – but a teenager nonetheless.

I crack up ( or get ‘tickled’ as we are want to call it here ) over the silliest things – then have to call my friends and laugh about it … well – giggle like a 14 year old girl. Funny but true.

I laughed my ass off last night – Stacey and I have this hysterical thing going on that after I have sex – I have to call her and tell her about it – I don’t remember where, when, or why that started – but it’s become the rule. And I’m all about following the rules ( actually l don’t give a 3 pound rat’s ass about rules – but anyway ) Last night the “hot Indian boy” came over .. and after I was compelled – PULLED to the phone to call Stacey and talk about it … she of course was super supportive of the giggle – and we had a blast.

THEN, christel and I talked. OHMYGOD – if you’re having a day where you really need a laugh – ask for her phone number – as SOON as she answers the phone/or I answer whatever – we start giggling for about the first 5 minutes before either one of us can start any kind of conversation - I love that …. I really hope all of you have a friend that you can laugh with like that – cause I SWEAR – it cuts down on prozac co-pays.

So it’s 7:49am – and I’m up, dressed, and waiting on the a/c guys - I hate waiting – and I hate being stuck at the house while they do whatever it is they’re going to do – the engineer said it would take like 5 hours to replace and repair everything …. So my question is – can I nap while they’re here – is that rude?

But not really, guys, boys, men, whatever.

DO not fall asleep as soon as you’re done. If you are with a woman – say around 35 ( just sayin’) she is not finished. Do not stop, find something else to do – we know you can … and if you do .. the payoff is pretty damn worth it. ( especially if when you’re kissing us you do that ‘grab the back of the head thing, and hold on to the hair’ cause ask any woman … godDAMN that’s good stuff.

One day I’m going to come up with a topical entry again on here – I have a few swirling around that I’m working on - my fun times at the DMV with the lady with W-HAY too much make up on – who couldn’t sit still..and did that rocking thing…or how they guarantee 30 minute service – but at the DMV – evidently there has been a space-time continuum shift and 30 minutes really means 2 hours ….. or car repair – like, if I’m going to spend $400 bucks to have a standard service completed on my car – can you not just RUN THE FREKIN’ VACCUM while you have it there ….

Or or or ..

I got lots of em – I just need to focus them into something worth reading … oh, and I think I’m gonna need to go on a rant about boys sometime soon - I can feel that one percolating in the melon too.

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