Monday, June 27, 2005
can't think of a title

and that should tell you the merits of this blog entry - but it's for me ... so there :)

I picked a bad day to quit sniffin’ glue.

Or a bad day to try and eat better …. Not in the “I’m gonna get all the food to my mouth and spill none on the shelf “ kinda way – but the let’s not eat an ENTIRE package of oreos for breakfast ……

So that’s that … but otherwise it’s a good damn day – following a good weekend – I took it easy Friday night and had a couple hundred thousand margaritas at my neighbors house – how many? A bottle of Jose and a bottle of Grand Marnier’s worth – that’s about 3 drinks too many …. And a missed shopping trip with my beloved christel – who needs to get off of Mr. Fatone – and call me back.

Saturday was interesting – the boy came over and we cooked on the grill ….. I think I like him more than I want to admit and I can FEEL the walls coming up … and I can FEEL me reading into everything – and I’m starting to think the “he’s just not that into you” may have been written by the devil ….. or says things I don’t wanna hear – or can read way too much into …..

Sunday was a fabulous day of laze. Some friends called in the afternoon and said that I should spend gay pride day with some real live gay people – so I did …. My civic ( and fun ) duties accomplished …..

Girls, expect the PMS ( and late gladys ) call … it’s been building up ( fuckin’ duh ) as if you couldn’t feel it!

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