Wednesday, June 22, 2005
hangin head in shame

I’ve been shamed into blogging – so blogging I must.

I have been negligent in my writing – but in my own defense I have been pretty damn busy …. And with the WORK as in the new job ….. not with doing sit ups on the new boy.

( and yes, there still is a new boy, and I’m digging that)

but here’s my list of what I’m NOT digging.

1. it is hotter than the hammered down hinges of hell here. WHY WHY WHY …. And why am I not used to it? I’ve lived here most of my life … and I’ve lived in the south my EN-tire life … and I still hate the heat…..
2. and a terrible thing has happened at 35. I can no longer strut around in heels the way I “used to could” I actually bought 2 pairs of flats today … and one pair is big and clunky – I’m sure they’d make christel moist.
3. believe it or not – as I’ve gotten older I talk less and less ( well at work – I’m becoming the “if you have nothing to say – say nothing” person – why why why have I been teamed up with chatty cathy?….but but but this gig is so great – I’m so happy in it – I can’t even begin to say how much – I feel like I’ve won the job lottery

( just knew the list would be of 3 things didn’t ya?)

anyhow – at work – I don’t have a “space” yet – so I have no computer access – and the dial up at home is really slow – so I’ve been slacking on reading and commenting on blogs too – but I’m gonna make that up this weekend – so prepare ye the way of the comment.

Lovin you!

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