Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i stole this idea from lilly i don't know if she got it from someone else of if it's hers alone ... but in the midst of serious questions and situations that have smacked me clear in the face and everywhere else these last several days....

i'm going to take a moment and list some of my "simple pleasures"

1. text messages that say 'hi. i love you"
2. understanding friends.
3. the smell of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny shampoo and conditioner
4. forgiveness. of myself and others
5. the way my dog smells.
6. new office supplies
7. unexpected kindness
8. the way fresh clean sheets feel on the bed
9. the way the mint at my front door smells
10. hearing 'that' song on the radio
11. rock star on sale for a buck
12. a phone call from a friend
13. being told "i'm sorry"
14. how happy my dog is when i get home
15. the smell of food grilling
16. that first jump in the pool
17. little things that remind me of friends
18. a new pack of gum
19. laughing out loud
20. being ok with saying no

so that's where i am right now - thanks lily for reminding me.

and also mike ( senior thinking ) you've been on my mind lately too - hope you're doing well.

posted by Allie @ 7/05/2005 03:24:00 PM


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