Tuesday, July 12, 2005
allison, the ugly american.

ok - so when it's hot outside, i don't do coffee.....cause see, it's HOT out - i need nothing HOT to drink.

but anyway -

this morning i made the tragic mistake of turning on the tv and having mike curl up next to me when the alarm went off - so instead of getting ready for work - i watched people in the same county as me ride boats thru their neighborhoods - and drag rain soaked/flooded things out of their house.......so needless to say - i was rushed to leave ......

and was still really tired - and not quite awake yet - and thought A HA! a big ol' cup of ocffee and a blueberry muffin would be really tasty right about now .... so i swing into the local dunkin donuts - JUST because it's right behind my office building...

and why oh why oh why - does NO ONE there speak english??

i mean they can grunt out the amount you owe them ... but you can't really tell what the hell they've said. and what scared me is the fact that i can't tell just where the accents are from....and and and

i got a frekin REDUCED FAT MUFFIN.

i already got a muffin instead of a dozen doughnuts -- does that count for nothing?!?!

and i'm looking for a picture of george clooney on a horse on the beach for my cubicle ( or cuticle as i like to call it )

can anyone photoshop that for me please and thank you?!

posted by Allie @ 7/12/2005 08:54:00 AM


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